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Dr. Stephanie Says: How your mind shapes your spine http://t.co/ePtxF2Pzyk
All change starts from within. You've got to believe in order to achieve. http://t.co/MG8pyndW3z
I'm appreciating how many incredible leaders we have in service of the BIG vision for the chiropractic... http://t.co/5X1whglOrD
Having a blast hanging with my peeps at Nisene Marks State Park.
“The only time you fail is when you fall down and stay down.” Stephen Richards http://t.co/AkH5cBGdf2
My friend Danny Knowles, D.C is the founder of Mile High Chiro. It's WAY more than a chiropractic seminar...it's... http://t.co/b0zyzgvOAt
Here's an amazing article on using the power of visualization to help you achieve your goals. Awesome!... http://t.co/FsMDdCVL8H
Gathering momentum is the key to growth. It's easier to reach your goals when you are already in motion. What key... http://t.co/bnE34Az8UJ
With the new year in sight challenge yourself to do something new to create the practice you really want in 2015! http://t.co/IajtKm4XYI
You only fail when you stop trying. http://t.co/RjRJDVUmpM
What can you imagine creating in your life and practice this coming year? http://t.co/XCtZGhJzSB
Small, daily improvements in the choices we make each day in practice are the key to great, long term results. http://t.co/y2aqr26fBf
A new year is almost upon us. What are you doing to lay the foundation for 2015 to be the best year in practice yet? http://t.co/7tN24nxPSp
I had a blast interviewing Dr. Danny Knowles today about what it really takes to thrive in chiropractic practice!... http://t.co/uP3cJL6w35
A successful practice is a decision you make every day. Choose wisely! http://t.co/QXiDt9wz8s
I posted a new photo to Facebook http://t.co/RjrBtJPr1F
Knowing your WHY fuels every action, every decision you make each day in practice. Having a clear sense of... http://t.co/ZH7tUyfRR7

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