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The semester is almost coming to an end, we hope you've registered for your blocks courses online!! Please do.
Star Of Excellence Awards happens tonight;buses leave Athi-River Campus btn 4-5pm. Carry ur IDs & get ready for the best SOEA ever!!Be there
Heya good people!!! Tonight is SOEA, a quick reminder is that u carry ur school ID for your admission!! Its going to be thrilling. CU there.
Tomorrow ladies and Gentlemen is SOEA, All Daystar University Athi-River students ONLY are invited!! Ksh. 500 to the others.
A great Public Lecturer at the Amphi today!!! Plan to attend!
The Star Of Excellence Awards (SOEA) will be held on Friday 16, make sure that you prepare well in advance. Its going to be pure bliss.
Just to let you know, today there is sports dinner at the Amphi, If you feel like a sportsperson come,the dinner is casual: FREE food served
_DUSA nominations are just around the corner, we are going to have a new student govt soon!!!
It is time to sit down and watch football, its been a long day!!! Barcelona and Man U :)
Nominations for SOEA 2010 going on at the PAC Court, nominate the most outstanding. Yarni, others are nominating themselves..we can tell! :)
we hope you've enjoyed your Easter break, most of us students are having projects, workloads and exams, we wish you the best!
Last week's culture week was possible because of your particaipation, we hope you had a blast!! Have a great week!!
Mwakenya: Tribesmen & tribeswomen,Cultural presentations at the Gala night today will b judged based on:Creativity,Originality,&Organization
(Friday is the Gala Night Party; starting at 6pm. Plan to attend & witness the battle of the dances, food and traditional glamour.
Milk is Ksh. 25, let no one lie to you!!
Time for Parade guys!! The bell has rung and the Honourable Headmaster, Mr. Kush is calling :)
is planning to host an impressive Gala Night this Friday!! Delicious cultural foods will be sampled. Meanwhile, Culture week continues..
Tomorrow is back to school day!!! Makmende will grace the parade :)
people having fun at the PAC Court and dancing to typical traditional music. Total Awesomeness!!
Shadyness defined!!!! Stuff happens :)

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DUSA-Daystar University Students Association ensures student representation on student welfare, tendering various services, planning student activities, etc.

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