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Bismillahir Rahmanee Raheem, The way we think will affect the way we live our lives. Change Your Thinking = Chang… https://t.co/NuPpTJayny
Bismillah, I always find it amazing how people can judge a situation they have never been in & backbite about those… https://t.co/c825NjYzCF
Bismillahir Rahmanee Raheem, this is what I got in my inbox today! "Zohra Sarwari's coaching has opened my eyes t… https://t.co/462aZlTBRb
Bismillah, Want to change UR life? Contact me “Within minutes of Sister Zohra Sarwari’s coaching, clarity struck me… https://t.co/Tvr6XdVrz6
Bismillah,The Prophet(SAW):“The believer sees his sins as if he is sitting under a mountain & fears that it may fal… https://t.co/J6qnE4XDGb
Bismillah, Start the day with this beautiful du‘aa! Memorize it and have it on your lips always. :) https://t.co/kdHhPzL9fU
Bismillahir Rahmanee Raheem, Subhana'Allaah I recently mentioned this story, and it's an amazing TRUE story Subh… https://t.co/BwGxkQDHoT
Bismillah, As long as we are alive we have hope to correct our mistakes, repent & earn good deeds. We have the oppo… https://t.co/z3Uwzia2MJ
Bismillah, I am in!! https://t.co/KoAwYqZNbn
Bismillah, Children are prone to attacks from the shayaateen as they are unable to protect themselves. It is essent… https://t.co/wbFgnG0vOn
Bismillah, Remember, it is quality & not quantity. For if we were to judge someone by the numbers, then Dajjaal (A… https://t.co/VAMSiQ7NqL
Bismillah, In'sha'Allaah I will be speaking in Karachi, Pakistan on Feb 25 2018 @ the Marriage Conference. Please… https://t.co/fxTQ4SvN2G
Bismillahir Rahmanee Raheem, Inna Lillahe wa Inna Ilyhee Rajioon. As I read this in the news I was devastated. S… https://t.co/BqIAynv0uW
Bismillah, Placing our trust in Allaah is not just merely uttering the words but actually showing full submission t… https://t.co/uWMo6ItGA9
Bismillahir Rahmanee Raheem, don't be sad if your ill. The treatment is in'sha'Allah out there. You must believe… https://t.co/SEhlgwq4xB
Bismillah, The Prophet SAW: "Shall I not tell U some words which, if distress or grief befalls any of U & he offers… https://t.co/6XO9nKvRwy
Bismillah, The prayer was the coolness of the Prophet’s (sallAllaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) eyes. When things got diff… https://t.co/QbQe6J13QY
Bismillah, Treat people with the same respect you want to be treated with. Treat people's families the same way… https://t.co/vaqkK5HZuT
Bismillahir Rahmanee Raheem, needed this today!! https://t.co/NP6DhBXXHe
Bismillah, The Prophet (SAW):“Whenever a Muslim visits a sick Muslim & says 7 times: ‘As’alullaahal-‘Adheem, Rabbal… https://t.co/7C8j8AUdV2

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Author, Business and Life Coach, Professional Speaker!
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Muslim woman speaker
Public speaking, business and entrepreneurial coaching, books “Become a Professional Speaker Today”, “Time Management For Success”," Are Muslim Women Oppressed?", "Imagine that Today is YOUR Last Day", NO! I AM NOT A TERRORIST!", "Powerful Time Management Skills for Muslims" and "Speaking Skills Every Muslim Must Know"

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