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Bismillahir Rahmanee Raheem, Ramadan Muburak! Tomorrow is the 1st day of Ramadan a beautiful month which I have https://t.co/hIl1A1QThh
Bismillahir Rahmanee Raheem, subhana'Allaah the beautiful month of Ramadan is approaching us again. Truly it is a https://t.co/2xl3S5V2qY
Bismillah, so often we do istikhara & decide on a decision for ourselves, but we are still in doubt this ayat is th… https://t.co/1FSLCOrNiQ
Bismillahir Rahmanee Raheem, truly I was sad to hear the news of what happened in Manchester, UK. Again our faith https://t.co/odZS4gZmiL
Bismillahir Rahmanee Raheem, I was saddened to read this article today. Dr.Zakir Naik is one of my favorite speakers.https://t.co/XPFEmxmxoM
Bismillahir Rahmanee Raheem, well said. May Allaah make us of those who are aware that Allaah is always watching u… https://t.co/JY21jHgWqU
Bismillahir Rahmanee Raheem, Subhana'Allaah we were leaving Jummah salah two weeks ago and my son rushes to the car https://t.co/P7XbPYTnR0
Bismillah, so many tests are faced by each of us. All we can do is be patient & keep smiling & moving forward to… https://t.co/oZHmJNr1no
Bismillah, you know in life so many opportunities will come to each one of us to help others. Take them as they wil… https://t.co/rKPjosMCRr
Bismillah, Pre-order, DONATE or GIFT a copy of our unique book in time for Ramadan: https://t.co/9lndm78ss4 I got my copy yesterday!!
Bismillahir Rahmanee Raheem, Alhamdullilah I am back home with my wonderful kids, whom I have missed so much!! https://t.co/nPoIC2E0Sc
Bismillah, truly I felt the same way sis!! May we meet again for the sake of Allaah!! Ameen! https://t.co/HQOwt497ZG
Bismillahir Rahmanee Raheem, this morning I looked in my inbox & saw this & truly it was a gift from Allaah. https://t.co/dp8awNZbMI
Bismillah, Subhana'Allaah I can't believe how many ignorant people are out there. Ya Allaah may You guide us all. https://t.co/B7YmwS8l6e
Bismillahir Rahmanee Raheem, I have been reading up on France's new president and was intrigued with him. https://t.co/x77NMJWBrU
Bismillahir Rahmanee Raheem, This is the month of Shaban, so let's make the best of it. Make your intentions to https://t.co/WbYXyiHpVv
Bismillahir Rahmanee Raheem,recently a good friend of mine from hajj passed away.Inna lillahe wa inna ilyhee rajioon.https://t.co/cGJ3RhgYFY
Bismillahir Rahmanee Raheem, subhana'Allaah how true are these words. May Allaah help us master patience. Ameen. https://t.co/bvH6WrmM84
Bismillahir Rahmanee Raheem, as great as it would be to blame someone else for our sins, it's not a reality. https://t.co/o5qEZKDGsA
Bismillahir Rahmanee Raheem, Truly this is one of my favorite hadeeths. Allaah is the most Great and Most Generous. https://t.co/rBZlxhFmBh

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