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Pumpkin Patch Pathway - yourfriendamy - Spoonflower via @spoonflower #fabricdesign #autumn #rusticdesign #warmcolors
RT @sacca: Tubas trolling Nazis with cartoon music is my new favorite thing.
RT @CNN: This 1947 educational film, viewed millions of times on FB, warns against the spread of white nationalism in the US…
plz vote for my Rose_Bohemian fabric - yourfriendamy - Spoonflower via @spoonflower #fabricdesign
Autumnal Scene with Red-winged Blackbirds - yourfriendamy - Spoonflower via @spoonflower
@Spoonflower Oh, thank you! <3 <3 <3 I love you!
RT @Spoonflower: @YourFriendAmy We love it!!
Couples Counseling W/Dr. Frankenstein - yourfriendamy - Spoonflower via @spoonflower
RT @ShaunKing: A woman who helped take down the statue in Durham was just arrested. But NONE of these men have been arrested. NONE. Ame…
RT @BeTheMatch: If Sheldon can't find a matching bone marrow donor, he will die of aplastic anemia. You could be the cure.…
Doubles anyone? - yourfriendamy - Spoonflower via @spoonflower
Look at these inspirational words I generated with @TheInspiroBot #inspiration #wisdom
RT @RoguePOTUSStaff: The appointment of Mueller does not diminish the need to #MarchForTruth. Don't allow this to be a pacifier. #resist #p…
RT @Shareblue: More than 70 cities will "March for Truth" to demand independent Russian probe By @leahmcelrath
@joycemeyerlive my mom just had a 2x mastectomy & wants to be healthy so she can see you @ the conference in Sep. could u pray for her plz?
Please RT & support this wonderful endeavor #BeTheMatch
Sign George Takei's Petition: Stand Up for Muslims in the U.S.
RT @Spoonflower: SF stands with refugees and ALL people regardless of how they pray or what country they come from. #NoBanNoWall https://t…
RT @ddale8: The Trump administration is using an attack on Muslims as an example of why it needs to ban millions of Muslims.…
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