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Youmeo G4 BETA has been updated! Check out the new updates now at
RT @jeromep_net: @kristianc youmeo is good and really easy to use ! So nice
@jamessily myspace coming very very soon :)
@CTRLxALTxDELETE what does this link mean? Were you stalking us?
RT: @Awfy new video on the Youmeo homepage showing off a new status updater! #youmeo
@bradpurchase we're glad you got that :) how you finding it?
@ceduardo have you tried youmeo?
@mickeygomez have you tried youmeo? feel free to request an invite :)
@zhRadio we'd love to know what you think :)
We love what you think of our application so far (good and bad).. keep your ace feedback coming, and we'll keep improving =D
First batch of invite codes going out soon! :) :) :)
@robday Yeah of course, it's at Lava&Ignite - Coventry this Thursday, how many do you need? DM names and your full name. Cheers
We have FREE tickets for the Youmeo relaunch party on Thursday, would be great to see you all there, give us a tweet if you want a pair!
BETA INSIDER: Photo uploading is finally fun! Upload as many photos as you like to all your social networks in just two easy clicks!
Dev team working extra hard this weekend to get the site ready for Thursday. Request your BETA invites now at
@CraiggJ yup, previously if you were in Internet Explorer 7 at least then you wouldn't see that bar at all.
we had some problems with the new Youmeo homepage in Internet Explorer, they should be all fixed now if you want to try it out!
BETA INSIDER ~ Video uploading will be coming! All you'll need is a Vimeo account.
EXTRA, EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT! Get your hands on an invite to the brand spanking new Youmeo by going to!
BETA INSIDER ~ Activity feeds have had a full makeover, they are more active than ever before and are very huggable.

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