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Stuart Edge gets a kissing pep talk from under the sea.
Music videos don’t get much more epic than this.
This is a Workaholic’s approach to onscreen kissing. More celebrity tips here →
This yellow Peep is about to go down.
Stare deep into the soul of @onedirection. #YouAndI
.@MichellePhan unveils her Soho Glam wall. Send a #PhanFriday selfie so we can see your look.
The Super Mario Bros take over your kitchen.
[Playlist] Get to know Emma Watson →
Man’s best friend makes a great parkour pal. #barkour
#Trending: Taylor Swift crashes a fan’s bridal shower.
#Trending: Glee’s Lea Michele performs an intimate rendition of her hit song “Cannonball.”
Lana Del Rey's new song spins us right ‘round.
LGBT comedians bring on the funny.
Pomplamoose puts some funk in your Wednesday with a tribute to James Brown.
#Trending: Joakim Noah of the Chicago Bulls reacts to the unseasonable weather in the Midwest.
Katy Furry stars in this cute kitten parody of #DarkHorse.
If you answered Unicorn Poop, congrats. Wanna try this fine delicacy? (via @RosannaPansino)
@TheSkorys Excellent! You must be familiar with the ways of @RosannaPansino.
We'll give you a hint: (🐴+🌈+💩)/🍪 = ?
@cristina2popa Well, this colorful culprit does hang out in the air. And eats lots of rainbows, we assume.

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