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A playlist you can really sink your teeth into …
This guy’s parking skills are unparalleled.
.@PTXofficial have an important question for Mary.
Menswear do you think you’re going?
What if #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy ended at a cafe with Superman and Batman?
What moments best represent our time on Earth? Join the conversation using #TimeCapsule. #Interstellar
@KristenKeogh @haileyfrances BRB running to the craft store for supplies!
@wonderwomanshel Thank you! We're going to look so pretty. 👸💄
@ToriKelly Congratulations Tori! Here's to the next million. 🎉
@emilyrivero Go @ToriKelly! And yay for Tori's fans!
@rkiker Wow, we never knew we could learn so much about learning!
WARNING: All enemy champions were harmed in the making of this video.
Play that funky music, @BrunoMars. #UptownFunk
.@LindseyStilring enters the dragon.
Merci beaucoup, eagle.
It’s @CarlyRaeJepsen’s birthday. Tweet her, maybe?
.@megannicole Your outfits in “FUN” were amazing! Which was your fave?
.@megannicole just wants to have a little #FUN.
When you watch these videos, does your head tingle?
Gather your loved ones and bask in the glory of this sizzling bacon yule log.

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