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@AmyLasyf We love this! We're so happy you uploaded it. Thanks Amy! #DearMe
@CaliDreamer1306 🎊🎉🎊
@lunatone42 We're so happy to have such awesome Creators take part! Which #DearMe video was your favorite?
@Mayousef We're loving that you love #DearMe ❤️
@sothepennydrops Agreed! *sheds tear of pride* #DearMe
@britanywilsonx We're so happy you love it! Which one's your fave? #DearMe
@LovelaurenxJenn So true! Which #DearMe video is your favorite so far?
@ShapeAlissa Thanks Alissa! Do you have a favorite #DearMe video?
@MusicAndYouTube Thanks! We're thrilled everyone's so supportive of #DearMe!
@paccodizucchero We hope they're happy tears! 👏😂👏 #DearMe
@IPromiseITried Watching all the #DearMe videos should be part of your coursework!
@museamanda Thanks Amanda!
@rocketrictic Happy tears we hope! #DearMe
@MonitaRajpal We're glad you liked @ggchao's #DearMe video!
@RoseannaRants Slightly-Less-Insecure-You just got a whole lot less insecure today. Well done, Roseanna! #DearMe
@DNAinManila All roads lead to awesome! #DearMe
@Afriqu33n Happiness above everything else! Well said, Steph. #DearMe
@fatcowontherun Infinite possibilities are so empowering. Great advice! #DearMe
@miridiary Isn't @chika_english the best? We're glad you liked the #DearMe videos!
@IAm_MissZee Exactly. Always ask questions. Thanks, Miss Zee! #DearMe

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