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RT @TwitterMoments: Tina Fey urges people to ignore the neo-Nazis, stay safe inside and eat some sheetcake. #WeekendUpdate…
#yogaforce #tesla #simplealignment #alignyourself
RT @Google: "Your age doesn’t matter. Your idea does." Meet a 5th grader turning water bottles into light bulbs → #…
#TRUMP has lost all Political and Moral authority to lead this Country. He Bullies. He Lies. He Divides. All self…
RT @ddiamond: Last year: Trump interviews Cleveland Clinic CEO to be a Cabinet member. This week: CEO bashes racism, Clinic pulls event fr…
The Amazing Body Benefit of Just One Minute of Running via @livestrong_com
Check out "Can you spot skin cancer?" @AADSkin @YogaForce
RT @TIME: Apple CEO Tim Cook just made a huge donation to anti-hate groups after Charlottesville
RT @Gladwell: Nina Teicholz's The Big Fat Surprise is ESSENTIAL reading on the saturated fat debate covered in RH. Blew my mind. https://t.…
8 Sleep Experts on What to Do When Your Mind Is Racing via @thescienceofus
She’s 98. He’s 94. They Met at the Gym. NEVER TOO LATE FOR #TRUELOVE
RT @ZyndelKasaw: #PhillyisCharlottesville #Resist #TheResistance #maddow #ImpeachTrump #Charlottesville - This how REAL Americans behave…
#California CAN WE? @CNN
Anderson Cooper says Trump 'revealed so clearly who and what he really is'
79 Hate Organizations Active In California, Map Shows Now You Know #Outrage #California
Phoenix mayor not happy about President Trump's rally plans via @nbcnews
These 6 Simple Yoga Poses Can Help Ease Your Sciatica Pain via @preventionmag #YogaForce 4 better alignment
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RT @thescienceofus: The personality trait that might help extend your life is highly counterintuitive
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