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Seek out the community and friends that can accept all of you #safespaces Thankful for the @xcloakanddagger family.…
RT @ABCscience: Incredible science with profound implications: Australia's human story started 65,000 years ago. h…
@RNR_0 @0xa59a2d Such a good series!
Custom Storage Devices are being made with liners from repurposed reusable bags! 🌟#eco #keepingitgreen
Flight attendant sees "I need help" written in bathroom, saves teen from human trafficking
I like this but....this conclusion out of 50 questions🤔
We all have our burdens however, the wealthy/successful may have to suppress them the most to maintain the guise of…
Not looking for sympathy, this is part of life, deal with your choices and take care of it. I've put off mopping log enough
Uwake 2find the bathroom filled w/ puke of your aging(dying)cat, go to rinse off items in the tub forgot shower head's on #LifeAsADarkComedy
RT @Entrepreneur: How the First 20 Minutes of Your Day Can Set You Up for Success
Now On PeaceTalks @ArdenSirens w/ special guest @ConnerHabib @DromeBoxLabs #peace #LiveBetter
@KendrickEsq The cut of the outfit is fantastic but the design on the fabric is not so good
This is Social Media perfection well done @Square @gkimbwala please tell me you helped this person get their job 🤣
RT @LiveScience: Chinese Scientists Just Set the Record for the Farthest Quantum Teleportation…
RT @benbusse: 0/ Quantum cryptography would appear to be unbreakable because of quantum mechanics. A theoretical example….
When contemplating the future, does the uncomfortable past come up? If so that's a sign of things to work through, and come to terms with.
30 Incredible Portraits of Maori Women With Their Tradition Chin Tattoos from the Early 20th Century
RT @richardbranson: Introducing the real story of the man behind the beard, the business, the bravado and the brand…
Can't sleep? Make stuff
A different view point of the dynamic “I Had Sex With An Investor & I Am Sorry” by @bethebutterfly

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