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If there’s ever an ‘Anchorman 3,’ Ron Burgundy could go to war. Or pioneer the internet.
'Spotlight' was the big winner at last night's @GothamAwards:
There's a Barbie origins movie in the works with Reese Witherspoon:
RT @MarcusErrico: Love how @BenAffleck & Cavill try to out scowl each other. Grrr. #BatmanvSuperman…
Supes unmasks Bats in new #BatmanvSuperman clip--and everyone looks PO'd!
RT @MarcusErrico: The most infamous trading card ever + inside story of @toppscards' seminal #StarWars: #C3PO http…
Tupac Shakur biopic finds another new director:
How @toppscards #StarWars cards took the galaxy by storm:
Burt Reynolds on the craziest stunt he ever performed for a movie:
What would an ‘Anchorman 3’ look like? Director Adam McKay has some ideas.
Adam McKay spoke to us about Bernie vs. Hillary, ‘The Big Short’ … and ‘Anchorman 3’
This @AmyTheMovie deleted scene about 'Rehab' signifies @amywinehouse's lost chance:
#GodsOfEgypt director apologizes for mostly white cast:
Mark Hamill says #StarWarsTheForceAwakens offers "lots of surprises:"
RT @djkevlar: JOY is riveting (not surprising) but also inspirational (kinda surprising). Jennifer Lawrence is Oscar-worthy (definitely not…
Box Office: 'Creed' got mad glove from moviegoers, while 'Good Dino' soared:
Ridley Scott says #AlienCovenant is the first of three prequels to original #Alien:
New #StarWarsTheForceAwakens spot focuses on Kylo Ren:
40 years of @TheSlyStallone on the red carpet...fur coats and all!
Lightsaber pizza cutter?! Here are the strangest @starwars VII brand tie-ins:

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