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Dan Aykroyd Wants to Relaunch ‘Ghostbusters’ as a Marvel Universe-Style Franchise
RT @MarcusErrico: ICYMI: @jimmykimmel turns #HungerGames into the romcom it really wants to be. #Mockingjay
Not your text book zombies in "the sequel you did Nazi coming," #DeadSnow #RedvsDead:
#MartinScorsese returned to his alma mater @nyuniversity to give a funny, heartfelt commencement speech:
Our latest #giveaway is befitting of the King of the Monsters himself, #Godzilla!
New #JamesBond movie sets start date. Here's the latest intel about #Bond24:
Looking for lessons on surviving the first day of school? Let #Twilight, #MeanGirls & more movies be your guide:
1984 @novapbs special presents a fascinating snapshot of the special effects revolution:
7 Things We Learned from David Fincher's Playboy Interview
RT @YahooScreen: Starting 9/30, watch the full-length movie #OneChance for free before it hits theaters -- only on Screen:…
RT @djkevlar: What have you always wondered about Kevin Smith? Reply back w/ Qs for our aptly titled new @YahooMovies show, Things We've Al…
Cowabunga! Kathryn Hahn sports #TMNT couture at #ThisIsWhereILeaveYou premiere:
RT @djkevlar: Anthony Mackie has an on-set catchphrase ("Cut the Check!") he took from a @theroots song @YahooMovies
Meryl Streep bewitches in new #IntoTheWoods poster:
We got #Groot's number & we're sharing it with you. You'll never guess what his answering machine says: #GOTG
Let 'Twilight,' 'Mean Girls' and Other Teen Movies Guide You Through Your First Day of School
Meryl Streep Bewitches in 'Into the Woods' Poster
We've Got Groot's Phone Number
New James Bond Movie Gets a Start Date — and All the Latest Rumors and Reports
RT @MarcusErrico: .@LeoDiCaprio named UN Messenger of Peace. Presumably because he can do this. #LeonardoDiCaprio

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