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RT @MarthaQuinn: LOL! Nice one @djkevlar and @YahooMovies #Genisys vs #Genesis
RT @YahooNews: New #SteveJobs trailer shows darker side of Apple founder via @YahooMovies
RT @MarcusErrico: #BackToTheFuture DeLorean at @UniStudios Happy 30th!
How an obscure 2014 anti-vaxxer documentary fueled @JimCarrey's Twitter rant:
Comic-Con to Stay in San Diego Through 2018 #SDCC
RT @djkevlar: Who's coming with?
RT @nbcsnl: Your first look at Staten Island Summer, written by @snlupdate’s @TheColinJost and directed by #SNL’s @RhysThom2!…
RT @meriahonfiah: Did you know @charliesheen & Johnny Depp were considered for the Marty McFly role in #BackToTheFuture? Read more! -> http…
Paul Rudd 'farts' countless times during #AntMan interview
RT @MarcusErrico: #MadMax's greatest hits play out (yo, Tina!) Excl peek/@vertigo_comics #MadMaxFuryRoad Max 1 http:…
RT @MarcusErrico: New #StarWars comic promises secret origin of Ben Kenobi--how Jedi Master became desert hermit htt…
New details from the #BackToTheFuture set: How nuts did #CrispinGlover drive the crew?
Midseason box-office report: What's soared and what's sunk so far this summer?
RT @MarcusErrico: Watch out, Ken. @Mattel's also making #Batman/#Superman to go with #Barbie #WonderWoman #SDCC http…
RT @MagnoliaPics: #WolfpackFilm weighs in on Hollywood's biggest franchises @YahooMovies
RT @djkevlar: Jon Hamm's in-flight triple feature: Despicable Me, then The Act of Killing, then Frozen:…
Remember 'American Cyborg' or 'The Alienator'? Our roundup of the best #Terminator knockoffs
.@TheWolfpackFilm brothers weigh in on Hollywood's biggest movie franchises, including Hunger Games, Fast & Furious:
#HungerGames fans! Here's a look at the coolest Katniss costumes & props from the new exhibit
RT @djkevlar: .@Schwarzenegger time travels back to the sets of The Terminator, Twins, True Lies & more in our latest Role Recall: https://…

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