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RT @thelmadams: Leighton Meester on Her New Lesbian Role and Lack of ‘Embarrassment Gene’ via @YahooMovies
RT @strangeadventrz: #Batman75 continues with this amazing new short by Darwyn Cooke where the Batmen of past, present, & future collide! h…
RT @themattmcd: Batman faces his most dangerous foe, himself, in a #WonderCon animated short from Darwyn Cooke: via…
Watch an exclusive new #Batman short that just premiered at #WonderCon & see if you can spot all the Easter eggs:
Spot the Easter Eggs in a New Batman Film for His 75th Anniversary
RT @karawarner: And now a #MazeRunner group hug w/ @jamesdashner @dylanobrien @PoulterWill & @wesball. #WonderCon Full video soon! http://t…
.@itsmeleighton on her lesbian role in #LifePartners & her lack of an 'embarrassment gene':
RT @karawarner: Best. Couple. Cosplay. EVER. #WonderCon
We proudly present @RobertDowneyJr, No. 38 on our #50GreatestActorsAlive list:
Johnny Depp, Paul Bettany, @_KateMara & Rebecca Hall talk #Transcendence & whose brain is ripe for uploading:
Will Gabriel García Márquez's 'One Hundred Years of Solitude' Ever Make it to the Big Screen?
Bryan Singer in Damage-Control Mode, but 'X-Men' Immune to Allegations
RT @DWAnimation: There's a new sport that's all the rage in #Berk! Can you catch the elusive black sheep? #HTTYD2
Leighton Meester on Her New Lesbian Role and Lack of ‘Embarrassment Gene’
Fans around the world have embraced your friendly global #SpiderMan and the new @SpiderManMovie:
RT @YahooCelebrity: Enter for a chance to win "The Amazing #SpiderMan 2" Sweepstakes and get the Gwen Stacy look from #Revlon!…
RT @karawarner: Hey #MazeRunner fans, I'm hanging with Dylan O'Brien & Will Poulter tmrw. What q's need asking?
RT @peta: @YahooMovies U know we're happy so long as no real animals are used & we're pretty sure that's the case with HTTYD 2!…
Why Johnny Depp Doesn't Need to Reboot His Career (Even if 'Transcendence' Bombs)
Let's see Khaleesi get her dragons to compete in a sport like the one in this #HTTYD2 clip: via @YahooMovies

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