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In the 'hood and under the hood - Placemaker makes the hyper-local news
New GeoPlanet Data (v7.6.0) now released to accompany the recent API update -
@tim_waters It should do IIRC
New GeoPlanet Data now released to accompany the recent API update -
Signing off from @YahooGeo; you've all been geotastic you know. I'll still be over at @vicchi and your new Geo blogger will be along soon
New bloggage: More Geo; More Concordance; More Resources; Less Bugs -
@DrEvil Try<your-appid-here>
So I influence @Thayer and @paul_clarke, @gauravity, @Alfie, @AndrewGrill and @sigizmund influence me. Apparently.
Totally Geo: Solving your location-based services needs with Yahoo! (and some other) technology -
Totally Geo: CouchDB gains Geo support and voila! GeoCouch is announced -
@beakgeek Deepwater Horizon is an oil rig not a place and probably not even a POI, despite the current news coverage; pls post on the forum
Rumours? Meh. @fireeagle is still most defnitely 100% a thing (he says updating his Fire Eagle location)
Day 2 of #locbiz in Amsterdam; @andrag, @codepo8 and @uphamb will be on booth and @vicchi will be panelling on the Geospatial Web at 9.45
So yahoo is missing on the slide of Influencers of LBS. Hello? FireEagle? GeoPlanet? See me on the stand later! #locbiz /via @codepo8
@vicchi @uphamb & @andrag from Yahoo! Geo and @codepo8 & @anilpatel from @ydn will all be on the Yahoo! booth at #locbiz in Amsterdam today.
At #locbiz in Amsterdam today? @vicchi will be talking on "Hyperlocal or Hype (and Local)?" at 11.20 AM CET today.
The Yahoo! Geo team will be at the Location Business Summit in Amsterdam tomorrow with @vicchi, @andrag, @uphamb, @codepo8 and @anilpatel.
@rwrife I'd suggest either pinging @ydn or asking for some assistance on the forums at
@rwrife What page are you trying to access?
@blprnt May have to pass the buck on that; we don't control the network infrastructure ... maybe @ydn might be able to help?

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