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@fitbizreviews I have now done that but it needs editing and I don't see a way to do that on my tablet. Perhaps tom… https://t.co/Y3iwfC4EM2
My only contribution to this was the supplies. He's 8 1/2 years old. https://t.co/kYZGN7uIKk
Artist at work https://t.co/cqDU4Z1is4
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Check out my website on @strikingly https://t.co/hwuFZigqHD Join us for a class.
Entering the last leg of my Sugar-Free September. Rambling On: Three Down and One to Go! https://t.co/WVYwLd0ZST
Transition season. https://t.co/yi4bdmXIAy
RT @merrickwolford: Enbridge Gas Distribution is partnering with the Fire Marshal’s Public Fire Safety Council to help Merrickville... http…
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@goodreads Unexpected medical malpractice.
@davelackie Fantastic. I hope I win this wonderful collection!
RT @EmbamexEUA: If you need information on today’s #earthquake in Mexico City and other states, call #CIAM at 1-855-463-6395. Line is open…
Autumn crocus https://t.co/PstMA61mcp
RT @merrickwolford: Meet the artists on this year's Merrickville Artists' Guild Studio Tour. https://t.co/uI2XhkG2IT
@45spaces That's a different angle than the one we are used to, but it doesn't show as much. Can't see where I liv… https://t.co/ltPnYLOCfO
I want to meet @GillyMacmillan and the #KillerCrimeClub in Toronto or Calgary! Find out more, and enter to win: https://t.co/H0tD0qlpBR
2 people followed me and 2 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by https://t.co/wYlkktPQiU
@CanadianDadBlog And no, I don't use it. LOL
@CanadianDadBlog My grandchildren gave me a version of that for Christmas one year...basically because they call me… https://t.co/9W3rwH98rR
RT @merrickwolford: Merrickville-Wolford is looking for some new staff. Postings for a receptionist and several positions in Public... htt…

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I've been referred to as a highly specialized generalist as my interests are many and varied. Hobbies tend to make money even though that's never been the plan.
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