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Several lights wrapped into one, Multi-Lite uses two mobile shades to create a variety of different looks. The mobi… https://t.co/sLbSORqRIB
Ethereal and organic in nature, our new Vertigo Pendant Light is reminiscent of dragonfly wings cast interesting sh… https://t.co/BxfIYt48WG
Bathroom Lighting Buyer’s Guide: https://t.co/MumQmUhKEJ https://t.co/3Wtty7gCFd
How to Refresh Your Space with Plug-In Lighting: https://t.co/jF6MUnmJGn https://t.co/asS1bD7Q57
RT @anglepoise: Read about how our Giant became a reality in @YLighting's Q&A with @Anglepoise MD Simon Terry https://t.co/wZW236jU6t https…
Our new Dome Pendant Light by @slamp_official features a delicate balance of colors and transparencies, brought to… https://t.co/AluhPna5o1
Whether you prefer sleek and minimal, or unexpected and quirky—these pendant lights will transform any room, bringi… https://t.co/qHKioV1iyv
Fluffy tufted wool felt, 10-foot wide pendants, origami. Such unusual materials and designs—and the artistry needed… https://t.co/7f015aoWdx
Sculptural in nature, the Kepler Pendant Light by @Nemo_Srl is an eye-catching work of art. Inspired by the Moebius… https://t.co/vvQjJP6Bhq
It is all too easy to overlook the lighting within your guest bedroom and bathroom. Here's how to light a guest bat… https://t.co/SnAgYaAWqL
Every bathroom deserves the best lighting possible. We’ve rounded up our favorite bathroom lights for your inspirat… https://t.co/QGiXgA661L
Anatomy of a Giant: https://t.co/JEOAGfagXV https://t.co/W6PSHQvHp7
Smart lighting, smart home. Here's how to get started: https://t.co/vZmoca9J1P https://t.co/TxWhPkmCyr
New year, new modern lighting. Shop our Winter Sale for up to 20%. https://t.co/zTP3f5f8SB https://t.co/9bbqEwbiqP
Set the mood with our dining room lighting guide: https://t.co/nG9EuSm59M https://t.co/sxWpHBPRt4
The benefits of both subtle and statement making lighting designs. https://t.co/B7FnzxvUYM https://t.co/4PipWyWbjd
All you need to know to light your kitchen right. https://t.co/zmRVzT0G1N https://t.co/5SMIA8Dqvh
New + Notable: The Circus 500 Pendant Light features a remarkable system of interconnected rings that can be arrang… https://t.co/BhcHhSsNys
Ask an Expert: Can I Use My Fan During the Winter? https://t.co/HIXgAIei90 https://t.co/92tgyG1abi
Make the Season Bright: Winter Lighting Ideas: https://t.co/cVwdmxL6lB https://t.co/DDKLE0oke0

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