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Attention! Those looking for or wanting to post 2014 race dates. Our friends over at Mountain Bike Radio will be... http://t.co/O41Z2xEK8j
Copies of XXC are no longer available on http://t.co/VEvDTcZIHJ, but if you need/want a back issue they are at... http://t.co/OGqDN9rWIp
Search continues for 36-year-old cyclist who went missing Sunday | http://t.co/WXmh7A7X9S http://t.co/3bj5X5MigP
Catch up with the Mongolia Bike Challenge action on the blog: http://t.co/uXf0ZkSFnR http://t.co/mX16PcRSgS
Heavy Overnight Rains Cause Havoc In Mongolia! http://t.co/DSUm3OxxG7 http://t.co/38UeiTdIhT
We interrupt Labor Day with a recap, video & slideshow from stage 2 of the Mongolia Bike Challenge.... http://t.co/LHZ7SGvjXy
Grand Junction Off-Road Day 3 coverage: http://t.co/jqZw1iTZEA http://t.co/2EJaPlKVNu
Check it! Recap, video and slideshow from Stage 1 of the 2013 Mongolia Bike... http://t.co/riVmkzJ5QY
Coverage from days 1 & 2 of the Grand Junction Off-Road are up on the blog: http://t.co/uXf0ZkSFnR http://t.co/x2pZux22qp
Recent XXC blogishness: A look back at the X100's 50 mile race and a recap of the WEMS #6, Levis-Trow 100... http://t.co/49rSK3hMjC
Congratulations to Derek Clark of Wolverhampton, England. Derek is the winner of our XXC No. 18 random prize... http://t.co/EtQNL9fSnd
Hampshire 100 recap is finally up. Sorry for the delay. If for no other reason check it out to read about 100K... http://t.co/pAuQ79D9gO
Our contest winner has yet to respond, looks like we'll be picking a new winner later today.
Just got home from yesterday's X100 (and 50) race near Traverse City, MI. The was pretty awesome and a real... http://t.co/4lSM9363gE
Just picked our XXC/Bikeflights/MBR contest winner. Email sent to winner and will be announced as soon as they... http://t.co/zRySpiqG90
Idiots! http://t.co/ldkZjUiYc9
Kicking around some ideas for XXC work with promoters to design race (or series) recap programs for their racers... http://t.co/SmtPDIhiwc
WEMS, Furleys, Trains and Badasses on the blog this week. http://t.co/uXf0ZkSFnR http://t.co/4FNnXzNkvl
Cole House took the win at the Ore To Shore with Brian Matter in 2nd. Holy deja vu! These two have finish 1/2 for... http://t.co/BSxoq4bplI

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