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Just in case you are wondering where we are: we're over at @Literarium now, peoples.
Don't forget, we are over at @Literarium now!
In case no one has seen the post on our site, we are rebranding to Literarium (www.Literarium.net) and taking advantage of the interwebs.
Will be coding up a storm with @duckaroy today. Then this evening graphic design decisions with my sister. #worlddomination /Tom
A happy new year to everyone from us programmers! 2011 is the year we take over the world! ;-) /Tom
Finishing up programming at the State Library. I cracked contact availability! Going home to celebrate with beer! /Tom
Pulled our entire code repository from subversion into git using github. More programmering tonight. #techytweet /Tom
Yikes, from 9:30 to 1am working on submission validation code. Now unable to sleep due to brain buzzing. /Tom
More programming today. The fun never stops around here! /Tom
After a long day of coding we've decided I should probably throw out a week of work & approach things differently. Learning is fun! /Tom
Just so you all know, @Duckaroy is doing some amazing work on the security layer :-) /Tom
Good luck everyone with #NaNoWriMo! Write like there are only 30 tomorrows! /Tom
With Apple no longer supporting Java on their OS, the 9mths of work we threw out by abandoning Java dev was worth the risk. Phew! /Tom
You can always tell work is going well when you are coding from 9:30pm straight through to 1am without frustration. :-) /Tom
We're buying up some extra domain names and prepping some branding! #update #writeagain /Tom
Just so you all know, I am having a great time programming away. Not sure where my children are atm, tho... /Tom
@StrictlyChicken oh nothing, we're just keeping an eye on tweets that might relate to writers wanting to get back into writing. /Tom
@StrictlyChicken Then do it! (disclaimer: I am a procrastinator, too) /Tom
Tom: Very excited to see this system coming together from the complicated guts upwards! :)
Tom: I want to play XBox tonight but I have to program with @duckaroy. Soon, we will be victorious!

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