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To check out my critically acclaimed book, 'The Civil War Months,' visit- http://t.co/gtyC2JKvKc
Learn all you need to know about the Civil War in 'The Civil War Months.' Check out- http://t.co/gtyC2JKvKc
Civil War Today - Federals advanced on Atlanta and Lincoln dispatched an envoy to negotiate peace - http://t.co/4zhKP9WaZe #cw150
Civil War Today - Federals withdrew from Tupelo after yesterday's battle in northern Mississippi - http://t.co/zTawqPWOr3 #cw150
Civil War Today - Confederates hurried to withdraw from Washington, unable to achieve their goal - http://t.co/S98rPQh1FH #cw150
Civil War Today - Federals held off Confederates outside Washington and Pres. Davis expressed frustration - http://t.co/s34n97luFD #cw150
Check out an excerpt from my book - 'The Civil War Months' - on #BookBuzzr- http://t.co/gtyC2JKvKc
Civil War Today - Confederates reached Washington's outskirts as President Lincoln witnessed the fighting - http://t.co/C3qxcwc7k3 #cw150
Civil War Today - Confederates approached Washington's outskirts; government officials prepared for battle - http://t.co/YVar9HmusB #cw150
Civil War Today - Federals were routed outside Washington, and Lincoln responded to peace overtures - http://t.co/l9tow9hh4m #cw150
Civil War Today - Lincoln explained vetoing the Wade-Davis Bill, and Federals edged closer to Atlanta - http://t.co/RzSyiXQ95e #cw150
Civil War Today - Confederates closed in on Washington, and Federals bombarded Fort Sumter in Charleston - http://t.co/Th6ZPP2CPT #cw150
Civil War Today - Confederates ransomed Hagerstown, Maryland, and Federals rushed to defend Washington - http://t.co/6NjeF1XAdM #cw150
Civil War Today - Confederates began crossing the Potomac River, and Greeley volunteered for peace talks - http://t.co/tOq3tJU5mT #cw150
To check out my critically acclaimed book, 'The Civil War Months,' visit- http://t.co/gtyC2JKvKc
Northern Secession - The first major secession movement in the U.S. actually originated in the North - http://t.co/qLq9cIrDH8 #ushistory
Civil War Today - Lincoln signed several bills into law but vetoed the controversial Wade-Davis Bill - http://t.co/PZwlyc3IqW #cw150
War of 1812 - The U.S. went to war with England for several reasons, some more noble than others - http://t.co/B8GZ9vuXz2 #ushistory
Louisiana Purchase - This doubled the size of the U.S. but also caused tension between North and South - http://t.co/wbUptS2LH9 #ushistory
Civil War Today - Northerners panicked as Confederates reached the Potomac River at Harpers Ferry - http://t.co/yeldqPVKYa #cw150

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Explorer of American history, including contemporary events and politics. Novelist and writer, and an avid Civil War buff.
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