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Learn all you need to know about the Civil War in 'The Civil War Months.' Check out- http://t.co/Xy1euyQb1R
Civil War Today - The Democratic National Convention opened in opposition to Lincoln's policies - http://t.co/1xdF0gftG5 #cw150
The Great Compromise - A compromise in 1850 only made matters worse between North and South - http://t.co/RrZ37A7XEZ #ushistory
Civil War Today - Sherman's Federals closed in on the Montgomery & Atlanta Railroad - http://t.co/v9ClCSfk2b #cw150
History Today (1944) - Germany surrendered Toulon and Marseilles in southern France during World War II - http://t.co/Dn6kX9AYku #ushistory
The Wilmot Proviso - A proposal aimed to stop the spread of slavery further divided North and South - http://t.co/DGAVE9JHnJ #ushistory
Civil War Today - Federals began moving east to attack Jonesboro outside Atlanta - http://t.co/MVRPwgV4yC #cw150
History Today (1814) - James Madison returned to Washington, burned by the British in the War of 1812 - http://t.co/UNeu8tkdL6 #ushistory
John Tyler Takes Command - Tyler was the first vice president to become president due to death - http://t.co/F8XHm8Bwl0 #ushistory
Civil War Today - Federals threatened the last supply lines in and out of Atlanta as fighting broke out - http://t.co/9ONsCSuDng #cw150
History Today (1944) - The French marched up the Champs-Elysses after liberating Paris in World War II - http://t.co/QdTo2WU42X #ushistory
Civil War Today - The Second Battle of Reams' Station occurred as Confederates attacked outside Petersburg - http://t.co/WBPz5PqTYN #cw150
Civil War Today - Confederates prepared to attack outside Petersburg, and Lincoln allowed peace negotiations - http://t.co/pXv6eXrMrC #cw150
Civil War Today - Federals captured Fort Morgan, and President Lincoln acknowledged his likely defeat - http://t.co/FrvsD8VAtT #cw150
The Gag Rule - Congress imposed a rule forbidding any member from calling for an end to slavery - http://t.co/kGI0JkSxC9 #ushistory
Check out an excerpt from my book - 'The Civil War Months' - on #BookBuzzr- http://t.co/Xy1euyQb1R
Civil War Today - Skirmishing occurred at various points, including Virginia's Shenandoah Valley - http://t.co/IJj0JhArEx #cw150
History Today (1814) - A U.S. naval flotilla was destroyed to keep it from falling into British hands - http://t.co/CrkrJkxy1g #ushistory
The Republic of Texas - Texans defeated Santa Anna at San Jacinto to secure independence from Mexico - http://t.co/GVwP77ICe3 #ushistory
Here's a great site for teachers, students, or anyone else interested in American history -- http://t.co/b9fP1mvjmt #ushistory

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Explorer of American history, including contemporary events and politics. Novelist and writer, and an avid Civil War buff.
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