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Learn all you need to know about the Civil War in 'The Civil War Months.' Check out- http://t.co/2jX7Ez4Eu3
See the Civil War in January 1864: http://t.co/CxzSL2QF5g
This is a great site for anyone interested in the history of the Great Lakes region: http://t.co/sbc1rOkXe0 #ushistory
See the Civil War in February 1864: http://t.co/IkJXIRMygu
I am honored to have received such a great review of The Reconstruction Years by @WritersDigest! Check it out at http://t.co/eTm5jtEkTw
See the Civil War in March 1864 http://t.co/939X3hhOhK
See the Civil War in April 1864 http://t.co/GLkAQ3aw4i
Check out the Liberty Newsletter for November 17, 2014 #constantcontact http://t.co/DRrlTbwRmN
The Civil War in May 1864: http://t.co/lQw6f6mZxZ
Sherman’s March to the Sea http://t.co/kaEhQG675Q
Check out an excerpt from my book - 'The Civil War Months' - on #BookBuzzr- http://t.co/2jX7Ez4Eu3
The annual Civil War Weekend at Liendo is coming Nov 21-23 in Hempstead, Texas. Can't wait to be there! See http://t.co/60KhhBgBkZ #cw150
Civil War Today (1864) - Jubal Early left the Shenandoah after threatening Federals and DC since July - http://t.co/mWSNLqpt2B #cw150
@lienhart85 Thank you, I'll be sure to check it out. Your site is highly informative and I'll be sharing the link with my audience. Thanks!
Civil War Today (1864) - Abraham Lincoln won reelection, ensuring continued war until the South was defeated - http://t.co/RKcQfgcPlF #cw150
To check out my critically acclaimed book, 'The Civil War Months,' visit- http://t.co/Xy1euyQb1R
Civil War Today (1864) - Federals uncover a POW plot, and Confederates continue leaving Missouri - http://t.co/t8mTNP5WVt #cw150
Civil War Today - Nathan Bedford Forrest's Confederates shelled Federal shipping near Johnsonville, Tenn - http://t.co/Wmcf3jHQNb #cw150
Check out the Liberty Newsletter for November 1, 2014 #constantcontact http://t.co/JsI9bfwLan
Learn all you need to know about the Civil War in 'The Civil War Months.' Check out- http://t.co/Xy1euyQb1R

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Explorer of American history, including contemporary events and politics. Novelist and writer, and an avid Civil War buff.
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