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To check out my critically acclaimed book, 'The Civil War Months,' visit- http://t.co/2jX7Ez4Eu3
Once more I am subjecting myself to abuse, but here's where I actually defend Ebenezer Scrooge - http://t.co/GJH9JfpmIS #xmas #scroogeyou
RT @lienhart85: Abraham Lincoln: 25 works by or about him. Free & online. http://t.co/YeBjaYgODr http://t.co/yHDG8fSGZi
Check out the Christmas edition of the Liberty Newsletter for December 16, 2014 #constantcontact http://t.co/ZCpGtXOjW2
The Civil War This Week: Dec 15-21, 1864: http://t.co/reTEcMApzb #cw150
Learn all you need to know about the Civil War in 'The Civil War Months.' Check out- http://t.co/2jX7Ez4Eu3
The Civil War Today (1864) - The Fateful Nashville Campaign http://t.co/8WUcFjCzNB #cw150
Give the Gift of History This Year! #constantcontact http://t.co/FAKo6gSIo4
Civil War Today (1864) - Lincoln's 1864 Message to Congress: http://t.co/v2McjDKOxB #cw150
Check out an excerpt from my book - 'The Civil War Months' - on #BookBuzzr- http://t.co/2jX7Ez4Eu3
Letter from Pvt Andrew Moon, 104th Ohio Volunteers http://t.co/GimGIMHHH6
Harper's Weekly article on Saturday, December 3, 1864. Peace. http://t.co/TLgaw0g7KB #cw150
See the Civil War in January 1865: http://t.co/HbZvgLNNjv #cw150
Check out the Liberty Newsletter for December 1, 2014 #constantcontact http://t.co/SnEZiyMkhf
Civil War Today (1864) - The Battle of Franklin: http://t.co/9lUczEXyFb #cw150
150 years ago today: Massacre at Sand Creek http://t.co/zEae8MC6V6 #ushistory
To check out my critically acclaimed book, 'The Civil War Months,' visit- http://t.co/2jX7Ez4Eu3
See the Civil War in February 1865: http://t.co/H4yEK6vmN0 #cw150
Lincoln's Thanksgiving Proclamation began the holiday tradition: http://t.co/mra378FOND #cw150
Civil War Today (1864) - Harper's Weekly reports Sherman's March Through Georgia: http://t.co/DOtk37uXsl

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Explorer of American history, including contemporary events and politics. Novelist and writer, and an avid Civil War buff.
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