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Learn all you need to know about the Civil War in 'The Civil War Months.' Check out- http://t.co/Xy1euyQb1R
Tomorrow I'll be signing and selling books at the Chicagoland Civil War Show in Wheaton, Illinois from 9 to 5 - http://t.co/PgUI2PKvtq
Civil War Today - The 3rd Battle of Winchester occurred as Federals defeated Confederates in the Shenandoah - http://t.co/sAgLbdk9q8 #cw150
Prelude to Income Taxes - In 1881, the Supreme Court curiously ruled it was constitutional to tax income - http://t.co/rht7L8QoGS #ushistory
Civil War Today - Jefferson Davis still expressed hope that Sherman's Federals could be driven from Atlanta - http://t.co/IZFiMdqIhG #cw150
Civil War Today - Radical Republican John C. Fremont withdrew his candidacy for president - http://t.co/PoYTySVrSc #cw150
History Today (1774) - The Continental Congress adopted the "Declaration of Rights and Grievances" - http://t.co/p6HP3ceeAm #ushistory
I'll be in Illinois signing and selling books at the Chicago Civil War Show in Wheaton this Saturday, September 20 - http://t.co/uPMfqOmUAB
Civil War Today - Confederate cavalry delivered cattle to hungry troops under siege in the "beefsteak raid" - http://t.co/Ed6QmBWzMA #cw150
Check out the latest Liberty Newsletter for September 15, 2014 #constantcontact http://t.co/OJhytMVeQh
Civil War Today - The Confederate army in the Shenandoah was depleted, opening the path for a Federal attack - http://t.co/axeoEHvxz6 #cw150
History Today (1814) - U.S. defenses inspired Francis Scott Key to write the "Star-Spangled Banner" - http://t.co/pCSSm6tknr #ushistory
The Legend of John Brown - Was John Brown an avenging angel for seeking to abolish slavery or a terrorist? http://t.co/1IkzKKNWWA #ushistory
History Today (1959) - A U.S.S.R. space rocket became the first man-made object to reach the Moon - http://t.co/52i7lwvWqI #ushistory
Lincoln-Douglas Debates - In 1858, Lincoln challenged U.S. Senator Douglas and engaged in seven debates - http://t.co/nMJEzcKwTA #ushistory
Check out an excerpt from my book - 'The Civil War Months' - on #BookBuzzr- http://t.co/Xy1euyQb1R
Civil War Today - Lincoln and Grant expressed concern about the "dead lock" in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley - http://t.co/9trockTytZ #cw150
History Today (1814) - The U.S. scored an important victory in the War of 1812 on Lake Champlain - http://t.co/bQX22y2Qt3 #ushistory
The infamous Dred Scott ruling - The Supreme Court found that slaves were property, not U.S. citizens - http://t.co/d6cjcbzuDr #ushistory
Civil War Today - Skirmishing occurred at various points on a relatively quiet day - http://t.co/LZgo7xbNFU #cw150

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Explorer of American history, including contemporary events and politics. Novelist and writer, and an avid Civil War buff.
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