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In the 1830s, Congress imposed an unconstitutional "gag rule" prohibiting debate on slavery: http://t.co/hJwMGC8CrW #ushistory #usliberty
In 1836, Texians rose up against illegitimate Mexican rule and formed the Lone Star Republic of Texas: http://t.co/QZtvlKjRVq #ushistory
As a state legislator, Abraham Lincoln supported economic policies that later spawned vast corruption: http://t.co/flv7BZFzBU #ushistory
In 1834, Andrew Jackson became the first president to be censured. This was part of the feud over central banking: http://t.co/0iOkvvG95q
Andrew Jackson declared war on the central bank. Imagine a president taking on the Federal Reserve today! http://t.co/B0owz4JmKh #ushistory
Check out the Liberty Newsletter for April 15, 2014 #constantcontact http://t.co/im3DbUq8te
I had a great time attending the reenactment of the Battle of Pleasant Hill, Louisiana on April 5-6: http://t.co/oTE8cEDBZR #cw150
150 years ago this week, Confederates captured Plymouth and Ulysses S. Grant ended prisoner exchange: http://t.co/Slnk8tiqTE #cw150
Read the stories the mainstream media refuse to cover @BrennerBrief: http://t.co/HdYyaF2Qr9 #tcot #PJNET
Nat Turner's slave revolt raised northern calls for abolition and southern calls for stricter slave laws: http://t.co/c0dHLV7bhC #ushistory
RT @BrennerBrief: This article lays it all out there! #EricHolder Department of Justice -- the most corrupt http://t.co/ZBgOShvRLg by @vic…
Andrew Jackson signed a law that ultimately led to the forced Indian removal from the eastern U.S.: http://t.co/WvLYADm67u #ushistory
To check out my critically acclaimed book, 'The Civil War Months,' visit- http://t.co/gtyC2JKvKc
RT @BrennerBrief: #TRUTH! @Chicago's murder rate LOWEST in decades after concealed #gun law http://t.co/EwYi8z9MFf @camedwards @NRA @MomsDe…
RT @BrennerBrief: .@BarackObama's speech at Fort Hood more partisan politics than eulogy, P-G Matuszak http://t.co/YBCjbJ7l5X #FortHoodShoo…
@DWCDroneGuy @saramarietweets They didn't try secession in W PA, they rebelled against the new excise taxes on the whiskey they produced.
My latest article @BrennerBrief discusses the tradition of secession in America: http://t.co/aQcaxHeQpX #ushistory #liberty #TeamBrenner
RT @BrennerBrief: Review: "Washington's Secret Six" by P-G Matuszak http://t.co/f3gQVTqVr7 @pavelgregory @kilmeade @DonYaeger "Brian Kilm…
RT @BrennerBrief: Writer @victoriaokane had her Twitter account suspended fighting the good fight. Give this @HarryReid story a read! http:…
Learn all you need to know about the Civil War in 'The Civil War Months.' Check out- http://t.co/gtyC2JKvKc

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