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someone has to yell at you!!
oh and thanks for not wanting to spend easter with your mom.. really hurts..
sorry i had to post this on here but you are not talking to me.
and seems to use the word love alot with out even meaning it. I LOVE you michael and i am trying to help you open your eyes by being honest
You are making yourself sickovcer someon that is apparently doesn't care about you as much as you thought they did
Isn't is funny that she wants to see you after her work knowing that you are at work?
someone who doesn't know if they want to be with you or not is not a good idea.
oh dont throw your crap on me. I am trying to help you realize that dropping everything for
you dont hate that place. almost over just go with the flow
Well I painted the front door. Oh im so tired ..I'm not staying up all night again Michael.
Oh I think Mike might of gone to sleep..sleep well my son
Me to Mike but without the headache. Just sitting here thinking how i have all this work to do and to tired to do it. tried to sleep nada
its so nice to have you on twitter
real person here oprah
snow on monday ..yuk
I'm tired micheal
They put GM,Chrysler,and Ford threw the ringer for asking for money why didnt they do the same to AGI. This is the Governments Ins. Company.
AGI. They are asking for money but yet they give themselves bonuses. When you ask for money you should ask your exects to take a cut.
I like the name SciFi better how stupid to change the name

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I am Mikey's Mom. I work for an auto company. I am still working cuz of Mikey..hahaaa

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