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What are your favorite NYC Wine Bars? Please share w/ us @WineTwits ...
I'm looking for suggestions in NYC. What is your favorite wine bar? Please share w/ us @WineTwits ...
@Lexus having serious issues with a new LEXUS IS250 AWD and the dealer is useless in getting the defective car fixed! Please help...
@LinseyDavis meanwhile that AP report came out after the comments you categorized as critical. Oh, and now this ->
@LinseyDavis not sure how U tweet about comments being "critical" when U clearly had this info avail to U ->
@PattyNeger @LinseyDavis big question this morning is why wasn't recommended work completed on train tracks?
@LinseyDavis a good journalist should use their skills to figure out why someone neglected to follow through on that recommendation, no?
@LinseyDavis Linsey, do you know of any work that was supposed to have been completed at the crossing but wasn't?
@LinseyDavis have you looked into whether all maintanence or proposed maintanece was completed on that crossing?
@LinseyDavis I'm told traffic was diverted to this unfamiliar crossing. One could ask where was the help at this crossing. We'll never know.
@LinseyDavis but, I could also understand how one would be critical of the crossing. How well lit was it?
@LinseyDavis knowing how much he loved his home country and hearing him deliver statement, I think the it could be interpreted differently.
@LinseyDavis @ABC I didn't think he was critical at all. Why do you say that?
@judehere @jdforward no she wasn't. This was a tragic and awful accident.
What do U think @winesgood, @BofA_Help is going to try yet again straighten out an issue we have w/ one of our accounts. 3rd time a charm?
@BofA_Help we spoke last night, I thought you were calling me first thing this morning Pacific standard time?
@BofA_Help I am disgusted with your firms handling of my matter. Your mode of operation is questionable, in my opinion.
@harpoon_brewery what cheese would you pair w/ Rasberry UFO and wHITE unfiltered UFO? Thanks!
@garyswine wondering what UR craft beer selection is like? Looking for some good ones from MA and WA states for the Super Bowl. Can U help?
@Winelibrary - how is your craft beer selection for breweries from WA and MA? Need some beer for the big game! Can U help?

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