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RT @GSpier: .@WineTwits Thanks for telling me about the book "The Education of a Value Investor" on @oldyorkcellars's @BookVibe. http://t.c…
@chasesupport I've been doing biz w/ Chase for 35+ years and it's getting harder and harder to do so...
@Chase its becoming very difficult to do business with you, and we've been "married" for 35+ years...
@myUHC Could you please have Amy call me??? I'd like confirmation that she is getting my faxes... thank you! Steve
@myUHC Could you please have Amy (or someone else) call me to confirm that claims that were faxed last week were received by her?
@BofA_Help I may have an issue with BAC and was hoping by reaching out via Twitter someone in Mr. Moynihan's office could help?
@NJMIns having an issue w/ your company and not getting help. Please ask Mr. Flynn to help!
Can you recommend a WordPress developer that can help us launch a blog? Say hello to us @WineTwits ...
RU a WordPress guru or know someone that is? We need to setup a blog for Taste140 and want a partner to help. Say hello to us @WineTwits
@jlhuspek @IceyDesigns Hi Icey - Would love to chat about a blog we'd like to launch (WP). Let me know when you're available.
Can you recommend a WordPress guru that can help us design and launch a blog? Is this U or someone U know? Say hello to us @WineTwits
@JusttheBottle have you added your details to
Interested in joining us @WineTwits for #CabernetDay on 8/28? Say "me me me" @WineTwits for more info... RT
What are you drinking tonight? Please share w/ us @WineTwits ...
@DiscoverBojo Morning - I sent you a DM yesterday and wanted to make sure you received it? Please let me know... Steve
@dailyblender thank you so much! :)
@DrWellsAtESU thank you so much! :)
1 Direction isn't so bad with a happy daughter and a few drinks...
@jabelardinelli the smile on my little ones face is worth the hangover (and headache) I'm sure to have!
Wondering what drink pairs best for a dad at a 1 Direction concert? Oy...

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