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Do U smoke? Study Shows Benefits of E-Cigarettes May Outweigh Harms. Use your LOGIC! -> RT
@myUHC Could you have Amy call me and provide an update. I also have additional questions about another claim...
@DrDavidKatz Looking forward to my appointment with you in October!
You need help? 8 Hints That You Might Have a Wine (buying) Problem
@myUHC I am waiting for confirmation that you have received the 4 faxes I resent yesterday and that Amy has processed them. Nothing yet!
Napa and Sonoma Harvest: It's on!
@myUHC I would think that dispute resolutions department would call a customer back when a call is dropped, but no???
@myUHC I am having issues getting out of network claims processed. Just waited for 30 minutes on hold and get dropped from call...
@AdrienneAsher if you told me Mad Dog 20/20 we might need to chat...
What are you drinking tonight? Please share w/ us @WineTwits ...
@airfrance we are having issues w/ lost baggage from an AF flight that arrived 7/26 at JFK. No one has been able to help us....
@amieswinehouse I'm with you one or two towns over in Livingston!
Ever tried this app? WineGlass app makes clueless drinkers like connoisseurs
Doh! Better Than Duff Beer: Homer and Marge Simpson-Themed Wine Bottles
What do you think? The wine business is ripe for disruption, and this man is doing it
Unleashing your inner bubbles! How to Open Champagne Safely (Pics & Video)
What wine would you pair w/ Cheesecake? 21 Easy And Delicious No-Bake Cheesecakes
Review: 2013 Hahn Winery Pinot Gris and 2012 Hahn Chardonnay
Wondering where I might get a nice glass of wine on campus here at Penn State U #sasd14
Heading to State College, PA on a college visit w/ my daughter. Any restaurants or pubs I should check out? Great beer selection a plus...

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