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RT @panos_panay: Redmond --> Shanghai --> Tokyo. Amazing trip with this team. #Surface
@simonallisonuk Yeah on PC that is the Beta Features toggle...
Free Geometric UI Icons With A Fresh And Futuristic Twist (100 Icons, 6 Formats)
After buying ARM last year, SoftBank reportedly acquires $4 billion stake in Nvidia
Bringing digital skills training to 30,000 farmers in Vietnam
RT @TheShadeRoom: Aww the baby just wants answers 😩
Star Cluster, Spiral Galaxy, Supernova
@WinObs Tweeted Links for May 25, 2017
Microsoft Photos App update on Windows 10 RS3 Build 16199 this morning.
@scottisafool What is this "Windows 7 XP" you speak of?
RT @Heidilandex: Recruiter at Microsoft shares key learning after woman networking event at Microsoft Switzerland #MicrosoftLife https://t.…
RT @martinsuchan: Bye bye Template10, hello WIndows Template Studio. This is a great tool for starting your #UWP app:…
RT @jimbobbennett: You should hire this guy - check his blog if you need proof of his tech skills.
NASA to Air Launch of Next International Space Station Resupply Mission
Steve Ballmer says potential income tax in Seattle would cause ‘unfavorable business climate’
CNN announces a new digital site, CNN Tech, focusing on tech and science and led by Sam Grobart, who joined CNN fr…
Intuit leverages Red Hat Storage for always-available and massively scalable storage
FTC Releases Alert on Identity Theft
Disney CEO Bob Iger says company was not hacked, and the threat of releasing a stolen movie appears fake: "we don'…
In a throwback to the ’90s, NTFS bug lets anyone hang or crash Windows 7, 8.1

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