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RT @Market7even: Samsung tries to Halt iPhone 4S sales.Apple say more than 4m 4S handsets sold in first 3 days, @SamsungMobile Horse, St ...
RT @KasumiSEO: Remember My Sexy SEO?... RT if you think #thefuture is bright / #thefuture is #sexy
Haha, coffee is going down nicely and 4:30 until reimage is complete, gaggia rocks!!
Omg, the tosh is quick, better get the grinder out!
Right, reimaging commenced, gaggia Vs toshiba...i know where my money is going!
@BradBurton hey, you gone full circle fella...time to retire!!
@andy_murray was it really that bad?? No, you're was
Watching Nadal vs Del equally matched match so far...want to see Del Potro win, gotta love the underdog
@andy_murray good luck today and remember...he is only French ;)
OMG just worked new aquarium, with water and fully stocked will weigh about quarter of a ton!!....oh well, too late now I guess
@jamie_murray so when are we going to see you teach that brother of yours how to win wimbledon Jamie?
RT @nairamk: The greatest thing about Twitter is that you can quote something and totally make up the source.. - John Lennon
Looking forward to a wee cheeky day off tomorrow, might just have to pop into a coffee shop or two...any suggestions?
Hawaii-50 superb series
@andy_murray glad you're spending your down time constructively ;)
Thinking of expanding my collection of power tools..ryobi seem to have a new concept in battery power..any thoughts?
Ok I think if I drink any more coffee I'll need to change my name to Mr Costa
Thinking of getting back into twitter but do I have the time?
Creating a new exclusive desktop for my PC, it going to be radical and totally different - should make me want to work more :)
Loads well now my friend now go have that coffee

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