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Can the government legally make us buy health insurance? I just chimed in here: http://www.squidoo.com/beach-cruiser-bikes#module119255281
I'm learning/doing SEO now for my e-commerce site. Quite a discovery process. I keep saying "inch by inch it's a cinch!"
It's time to drag myself away from this computer and start walking White Dog! He's staring daggers at me!!
Been exchanging emails with a new-found e-commerce buddy in FL. Finally, a supportive, trustworthy friend who's been-there-done-that!
Can't believe how crowded the highways were today in the Philly/Central Jersey area. Looks like cars are becoming mobile offices.
@IMODELAGENCY Thanks for the follow! Like your tweets.
My e-commerce site is now live. Check it out at www.beachcruisersonline.com. Now it's time for some serious SEO work!
I'm configuring my e-commerce store today. It's going live soon--a historic career first and great learning experience for yours truly.
Met a fellow Internet marketer recently who's making 150% more income/yr. after being downsized a while ago. That's called poetic justice!
Great things about Internet marketing: No boss, no office politics or boring meetings, unlimited income potential--and no alarm clocks!
Internet marketing is great. But it can be a lonely path sometimes. Family and friends just don't get what you do!
Getting my E-commerce store up and running this month. Learning something new every day!
Looking for the ultimate niche marketing tool? Here it is: http://mark1950.nicheb.hop.clickbank.net
Tired of half-baked affiliate marketing "opportunities?" This program is your salvation. http://mark1950.comblue.hop.clickbank.net
Dogs: They're the only love money can buy.
Successful Internet marketing is all about setting a small number of major goals and pursuing them relentlessly.
Commission Blueprint 2.0 is the real deal for affiliate marketers.http://mark1950.comblue.hop.clickbank.net
White dog just noted that his pic is on the left...not the right!
White dog (see pic on right) says Internet marketing can be a "ruff" business. Help is on the way. http://mark1950.comblue.hop.clickbank.net
I've found the mother of all residual income generators. http://mark1950.comblue.hop.clickbank.net

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