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crochet pattern play time sweater in sizes newborn to toddler https://t.co/cLQORDhLvq
$6 special pinwheel berets, here's one: https://t.co/oFkX3Mwh7B
This month is 10yrs selling on Etsy! Celebrating with $10 & under specials https://t.co/8jkWMdlxWN
This month makes 10yrs selling on Etsy! I will be listing $10 specials as a way to celebrate so keep your eyes open https://t.co/rTwMX8kXJf
new hat...just in time for St. Patrick's Day! https://t.co/AACdnw1gAy
All I Want for Christmas is Belizean Black Fruit Cake https://t.co/QHl1wVcHeG via @YouTube
Etsy's community news wrote about my family's holiday tradition! https://t.co/OOTcVZdIjq
spooky baby ghost BooOOOoooOo https://t.co/Gl92T0zONU
this sweet baby sticking her tongue out cracks me up, so cute! https://t.co/w1Tf5jkxBU
Halloween fun...are you a good witch or a bad witch? I would like to know! https://t.co/FvB9hMlkgr
Do pink unicorns exist? I think yes! https://t.co/cheTNVuxt6
Red Riding Hood for Halloween!?!! AWE! https://t.co/srppMciI7c
This little guy is getting all the attention today, well he is cute! https://t.co/DwuUOFRXQc
cuteness overload https://t.co/J7MBnTcB4e
hand dyed yarn in a kaleidoscope of colors https://t.co/JYIA0RPY9X
hand dyed yarn in fun colors https://t.co/NTMzpCShk0
Halloween cuteness https://t.co/xhPhjKmraH
Red Heart Yarn giveaway, if you like yarn like I do...you'll want to enter! http://t.co/U6H1ECVX1L
did you see my baby hat on Hart of Dixie? #crochet #baby #hat #HartofDixie https://t.co/cslNLt1ph3
are you ready for St Patrick's Day? https://t.co/kxq3pqxwUI

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My name is Julie, wife & mom of 3. I enjoy yarn & making the world colorful