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See how the 10 #tech issues will impact your #nonprofit
Check out this webinar library for business #innovation and #crowdfunding #investing| via @BreakawayFund http://t.co/tdeB7v9MWN
RT @BreakawayFund: For more information on #ANDI go to http://t.co/zbdNT95Omm #FUNdFriday
RT @JaniceBurney: hearing about ANDI an in store shopping app #FUNdFriday #Crowdfunding
RT @BreakawayFund: In-store shopping made easier? Sign me up! #ANDI #FUNdFriday
RT @BreakawayFund: "Investors will want #ANDI because she passes Larry Page's tooth brush test" #FUNdFriday
RT @BreakawayFund: #ANDI - 50% of shoppers will leave the store if they can't find the product #FUNdFriday
RT @JaniceBurney: Hearing from Mac Holden the genius behind ANDI - Find a product in-store via the app #Crowdfunding #FUNdFriday
RT @BreakawayFund: #ANDI opens an entirely new revenue stream for merchants #FUNdFriday
RT @JaniceBurney: Mac Holden genius behind ANDI - store plans, coupons, list of products, better values for in-store shopping #Crowdfundin…
RT @BreakawayFund: #ANDI was designed from day-1 to be an international app
RT @BreakawayFund: You can try #ANDI now. Available in Apple, Android, and Windows app stores #FUNdFriday
RT @EnoggEggbert: Listening in an these investor pitches from @BreakawayFund They rock. Take it from this snarky egg
RT @JaniceBurney: New entrant - @BreakawayFund portal - Chasing Rabbits - low glycemic non-GMO energy drink - may just put @RedBull on it's…
How Does Crowdfunding Stimulate the Economy and Make Smart Cookies? | Breakaway Funding Blog http://t.co/ymdWfEhC7h
Does Advertising Signal A Great Investment Opportunity For You? | Janice Burney's Blog http://t.co/CeHtENWh2x
RT @BreakawayFund: Are you laughing yet? Here you go.. #Cowfunding #Breakaway #Crowdfunding Have a great #fridayfeeling http://t.co/pJcsska…
25 Incredible Statistics That Are Driving Mobile Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC] - http://t.co/kiyV6jV9UE
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Brands Crowdsource Product Shoots via Instagram http://t.co/S0QAYQZfye The path to purchasing is indeed evolving

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