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Venture Capital Firms Are Spawning Spin-Offs Great panel last night on what #StL startup and entrepreneurship needs.
With the @AgilityVC team @CapInnovators DemoDay. @Shaft is killing his talk on embracing failure.
or @Twitter could restrict the new profile... that could happen too. (cc: @Support ?)
I promise to explain later. Just follow @AgilityVC for now.
Three Ways #Marketing Can Make (Or Break) Your #Startup Product Launch
How The Internet Is Changing The World Of #Startups
@AmyCCosper Jealous. This guy.
How Amazon Stays More Agile Than Most #Startups
My riverside property will need a 30 foot wall. Maybe I can get my southern neighbors to pay for it. #StLFlood
Also -- if you've lived through 3 "hundred year floods", maybe we shouldn't call them that anymore. #StLFlood
and so it begins... #STLFlood
Banks are loosening up internally so they can work with #startups ...
@DanielGolemanEI Do they grow / decline at the expense of the other?
... both stressing time as the single most valuable resource. Failure means how many chances you get at trying.
@marshal If CC info was saved to platform: stayed roughly the same. If not: fell between 8-16% (varied by ticket si…
(excerpt) “The fastest growing #startups,” the survey report noted, “at 200%+ growth, are 75% more likely to have a female founder.”
(Yep. Seen it first-hand) Startups With Female Founders Grow Faster

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