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I enjoy speaking with people in person.
What advice for aspiring artists? @ lorimcneeartist
#HEwasBreathing Cop was asked why #EricGarner was not given mouth to mouth. Cop said: HE WAS BREATHING. Hence Garner was alive on stretcher
OK, I know its been a full year since I've posted but I've been busy. Looking forward to the holiday season!
The new holliday.... #BlackFriday. You've got to be kidding. Should be #Blackplague
@jeanniemcbride @letsplayguitar But they won't be allowed to have full nukes.
After Turkey it will be Sleepgivings.
You rock @nbcsandiego Go Troops!
Hello America. Happy Thanksgiving.
Must watch: New @waynecanyon video Hilarious http://t.co/20nC2uNT
Now we are talking: @aburnspolitico @aburnspolitico @dscc @foxnewspolitics @lilagraceRose @mgeist http://t.co/qSbfVt2T
RT @beth_beatty Thanks for the word #burnpoloburn http://t.co/qSbfVt2T
Burn Polo Shirt Burn: http://t.co/qSbfVt2T @adjordan @nytimes @robertcostaNRO @WayneCanyon #burnpoloburn
Must see: #burnpoloburn http://t.co/qSbfVt2T @gop @drudge_report
Burn Polo Shirt Burn #burnpoloburn http://t.co/qSbfVt2T @WalksofItaly @ellepiari @omenlove @mltck @sheconsulting @Vsalbee @MomsofAmerica
Burn Polo Shirt Burn #burnpoloburn http://t.co/qSbfVt2T @donaldtrump
I'm back Wayne: #burnpoloburn http://t.co/qSbfVt2T @waynemcevilly
Watch this: http://t.co/qSbfVt2T #burnpoloburn @lizstrauss @Anntran @Erica__B
I'm still here and so is @cindyvriend

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Wayne Canyon Enigma Art. New idea. Sold sight unseen. Great investment. Prices increases monthy. http://waynecanyon.com/

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