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@canadaposthelps 2/2 They say CP has the package & they can't do anything on their end. CP gave me runaround. Who can I contact to fix this?
@canadaposthelps 1/2 I'm trying to find a parcel sent from UK. RoyalMail says CanadaPost attempted delivery a week ago, but to wrong address
Any local friends interested in doing a little freezer meal club/swap/thing? We each prep a bunch of one meal, package, then swap?
If you've emailed/messaged and haven't heard back, it's because we've been offline for 4 days here. Hing for a fix later today! Bear with me
@Corntea_kw ok. Will figure out another time, then!
@Corntea_kw will you be at SWK to grab your blanket this morning? About to head out, can bring your yarn. Or one day, Mob!
Shop closing TOMORROW! Last chance to put lovelies in your stash before they go into mine instead! (up to 50% off!!)
Little E knows it's 4 days to Halloween...but that also means the last 4 days to shop Waterloo Wools! Great deals at
@AnnieBeeKnits sending with S will likely be the most efficient option, so I will do that later this week! Thanks for the order. :)
Meant to add: the shop closes for good on October 31, so shop now!
Looks like I finished! The free pattern with $25 purchase offer is still on as well. Yarn & fibre up to 50% off.
There are silk hankies in the spinning fibre section now--for some reason some of the photos aren't uploading, so I'm still working on that.
I think naptime will end before I finish, but I wanted to share that I've started adding the last new listings AND taking further discounts!
Free pattern available with all purchases over $25! You can select your pattern at check out.
Post show inventory completed--the webstore is live again. There will be more stock later after new photos are done, but only a little!
Thanks to the amazing #knittersfair volunteers, you were awesome as always. What a fabulous event!
BUT there is precious little left. Mostly some sport weight, odds a nd ends in other bases. And, um, one lonely braid of fibre, I think!
What little remains has been boxed up to be sorted and photographed. First website updates likely Wednesday, new photos later than that.
Phew. Y'all know how to make a dyer feel loved. We will miss seeing all your friendly faces and fabulous projects!
And the view from the entrance:

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I'm an American educator living in Canada with a small online yarn shop. Foodie and wannabe locavore.
handspun yarn, spinning fiber, roving, wool, handwoven scarves

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