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@AnnieBeeKnits sending with S will likely be the most efficient option, so I will do that later this week! Thanks for the order. :)
Meant to add: the shop closes for good on October 31, so shop now!
Looks like I finished! The free pattern with $25 purchase offer is still on as well. Yarn & fibre up to 50% off.
There are silk hankies in the spinning fibre section now--for some reason some of the photos aren't uploading, so I'm still working on that.
I think naptime will end before I finish, but I wanted to share that I've started adding the last new listings AND taking further discounts!
Free pattern available with all purchases over $25! You can select your pattern at check out.
Post show inventory completed--the webstore is live again. There will be more stock later after new photos are done, but only a little!
Thanks to the amazing #knittersfair volunteers, you were awesome as always. What a fabulous event!
BUT there is precious little left. Mostly some sport weight, odds a nd ends in other bases. And, um, one lonely braid of fibre, I think!
What little remains has been boxed up to be sorted and photographed. First website updates likely Wednesday, new photos later than that.
Phew. Y'all know how to make a dyer feel loved. We will miss seeing all your friendly faces and fabulous projects!
And the view from the entrance:
It's all unwrapped and ready for shoppers! #knittersfair
@MandyzMoon which is a reflection of my colour choice on the Carmenere, I think. Doesn't do well in low light especially.
@MandyzMoon it's there, just on the other side of the display! Doesn't pop the way your gorgeous Battleweary does, though.
@AnnieBeeKnits Resistance is futile. And heck, we're practically giving it away. :-)
@MandyzMoon See your purple Dragon in the spot of honour? It's beautiful! MT @KWKnittersGuild:
@AnnieBeeKnits A little bit of everything, in some fabulous colours--and at prices that are hard to beat! :-)
@AnnieBeeKnits I'm OK with sneak peeks, I forgot to take a photo myself! Mostly just protecting it in case of dust or something.
@AnnieBeeKnits Haha! No, I figure someone probably came by earlier and peaked under. Or maybe I didn't tighten it as well as I thought!

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I'm an American educator living in Canada with a small online yarn shop. Foodie and wannabe locavore.
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