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@AnnieBeeKnits They're all migrating to metric, but the changes are happening as I run out of old labels & buy new. :-)
@AnnieBeeKnits There! All better, I think. :-) That was the best solution I could come up with to the description problem.
@AnnieBeeKnits Oh, maybe I should rearrange that in the navigation. It doesn't need to be buried there. Good catch!
@AnnieBeeKnits Its apparently on the feature request, but they think I'm weird for wanting it, so I doubt it will happen.
@AnnieBeeKnits Me too. Sadly, neither of those things are (easily) possible.
New navigation on the website AND a new laceweight yarn:
Oops, there was supposed to be a photo there so you could SEE that eye candy! (apparently it is Very Monday here)
Some eye candy headed to Heaven is Handmade in Sarnia!
@MandyzMoon Yay for interchangeable tips! Love it, looks fabulous.
Getting ready to dye the first of my new Muskoka laceweight yarn. Alpaca/silk, super yummy! Can't wait to see it with colour.
@johannabee Our neighbourhood sidewalks are great, & most business ones. City usually takes 1-2 days to get to Weber St sidewalks, though.
@johannabee I've noticed that most privately maintained sidewalks have been dealt with faster & better than @cityofwaterloo maintained ones
Was going to name new laceweight Muskoka, but is that going to confuse people used to our Montague line? (which is staying!) Too many Ms?
@Corntea_knits yes, I'm using @squarespace commerce, and am mostly pleased. Some limitations, tho. Happy to email @ysolda with specifics.
@canadapostcares its a shame that their service is mostly easier to use and cheaper than buying directly from the source.
@canadapostcares yes, for identical services, both including identical tax rates. PayPal shipping is always cheaper for parcels.
@canadapostcares Why is the exact same postage always noticeably cheaper through PayPal than through the CP website?
Blogged: Choose Your Own Rainbow - A while back I was chatting with some mom friends on Ravelry. One of them linke...
Not sure the RSS feed is working, but in case it isn't: new post on the shop blog, with rainbow pattern ideas!
Oops, wrong account! Sorry about that. :)

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I'm an American educator living in Canada with a small online yarn shop. Foodie and wannabe locavore.
handspun yarn, spinning fiber, roving, wool, handwoven scarves

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