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@MandyzMoon Back from vacation and greeted by a package! Currently wearing it, it's SO LOVELY! Thank you.
@canadapostcares Your website says scheduled maintenance ends at 7 am eastern, but it's still down. I've been waiting 10 hours now.
@MandyzMoon ZOMG, that's gorgeous!! Wow.
@MandyzMoon No beads is fine. Can't wait to see it!
OK, update complete, I think! In addition to the sale yarns and a lot of laceweight, there are a few rainbow kits:
Also all the remaining stock in the 3 sale/discontinued yarns is up--that's Atwood, Algonquin, and Rockland. Get it while you can!
Update is slow due to cranky computers, but there are some new yarns going up at today. Lots of laceweight!
@Andeewah I have been trying to approve your follower request for the @WaterlooLinds account, but it keeps giving me error messages. Grr!
@MandyzMoon Wow! Done already! (I love what a fast knit that pattern is. Even for me!!) It looks fabulous.
@MandyzMoon That looks like amazing progress to me! I can't imagine how long it would have taken me to get that far! :-)
Both bases would be merino, either SW or untreated.
Ontario dyers, if any of you are interested in a new DK or bulky yarn base, shout at me. Someone is trying to organize a group custom order.
@MandyzMoon @AnnieBeeKnits Oooh, purty! Love that combo.
@MandyzMoon That's nice to hear! Especially with a turquoise, which is notorious for over-saturating.
@MandyzMoon @AnnieBeeKnits Ooh! Pretty!! I love it.
Apparently the website upgrade deleted some code from the contact us page. If you've been trying to reach us, my apologies! It's fixed now.
@MandyzMoon Oooh, purty. I miss the calming rhythm of plying. I should go spin something so I can ply! Adding wheel cleaning to to-do list.
@MandyzMoon Fun plans! And yes, if your bobbins won't hold 3 oz, I think that totally justifies buying a new set! So much more practical.
@MandyzMoon So you're thinking one big rainbow skein? I need to dye some for myself to spin...was pondering many mini skeins.

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I'm an American educator living in Canada with a small online yarn shop. Foodie and wannabe locavore.
handspun yarn, spinning fiber, roving, wool, handwoven scarves

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