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Smile its Friday http://t.co/7zlqh5BcTh
This is how ready for the weekend we are, how about you? http://t.co/whOveDYAqC
Thank you to all the dogs that were part of the the 9/11 rescue efforts. We honor all those that lost their lives. http://t.co/2hVa2vjeQs
Would you work better with your pet in your office? http://t.co/9AdTzJOyr5
Waggypups is in the process of training our new web host. Unfortunately, they haven't earned a treat yet. Thank you for your patience.
Little dog freeloads on TriMet bus from Tigard toward Portland...Help find this dogs home http://t.co/lvry9JOD
Happy Holidays to all our pet lovers.
W00f, who is going to be dressing up their pets for Halloween?
Has been a while, we need to start doing this more constantly. And we will.
'Dog Whisperer' Hopes 2 Lead pak at Newsstand http://bit.ly/vZtoB
Added a new slider to the website, feedback would be appreciated. http://www.waggypups.com/
So I walk my dogs with a standard leash, who prefers a retractable leash to a standard leash?
dog walker Portland and surrounding areas
The best dog walker in PDX
Waggy Pups has been inducted into twibs, w00f
Waggy pups will be providing product to all of its customers in the near future.
Affordable in home pet care. Dogs, cats, and everything in between.
@AGVPetSitting I like the way that your flash has come together. I think that will work out very well.
@Butch_Bubb You have a very cute puppy. How old?

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