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Reading about this: Wade Hilton, author from Jamaica. - https://t.co/VG4P1ZPLgR Check it out. https://t.co/JhWwgpFE0D
I believe that Donald Trump is a greater threat to the world than those two. https://t.co/Q2dLppkYRm https://t.co/H9kqd3nYNA
Take a look at the world's greatest threats. https://t.co/nPrKvQWyWi https://t.co/VG4P1ZPLgR https://t.co/JhWwgpFE0D
Trump has plunged the US in an abyss across the globe. https://t.co/JhWwgpFE0D https://t.co/HGUzNiZYhd
Mom, they still don't understand the world we live in. https://t.co/VQiLxHV58o via @amazon https://t.co/bbSrMBqDgR
Mom, we're happy with our games and they know it. Fact. https://t.co/mXwe29tVhW #TwitterStories
Mom, some people have fun tweeting. https://t.co/VG4P1ZPLgR Horizon Zero Dawn - PlayStation 4 Sony https://t.co/YRwhGugiKJ via @amazon
Tell me about this Pygmalion stuff. https://t.co/UBBWeOfO0r via @amazon https://t.co/CHliUl2pkf
No warring gods will tear us asunder. https://t.co/34bO6LGtpm via @amazon https://t.co/bbSrMBqDgR
I hate to say that the president of the United States is a blatant liar. Trump’s Fraudulent Voter-Fraud Commission https://t.co/XTXAJzGRz5
All you have to do is ask and it will be given unto you. https://t.co/EcdWjPg8PJ via @amazon https://t.co/NeQikAx9W7
Let's go back in time and find out about Columbus' four voyages. https://t.co/hHKeA5FK3q via @amazon https://t.co/VG4P1ZPLgR
Let's talk about reading. Goddess of the Arawaks (Abridged) by Wade Hilton https://t.co/Ld4rYsLpeP via @amazon https://t.co/VG4P1ZPLgR
I wish you'd take me on. Gwen & Gwenette (Unabridged) (Gwen and Gwenette Book 2) by Wade Hilton https://t.co/xA0NeD5sHK via @amazon
Why would I want to change your life? Only reading can. Reading about this: Jamaica - Author Wade Hilton - https://t.co/bbSrMBqDgR
I just love to read books. https://t.co/wd3CHzDtHJ via @amazon https://t.co/VG4P1ZPLgR
You'd better believe it's all about books and readers. Reading about this: Wade Hilton, author from Jamaica. - https://t.co/VG4P1ZPLgR
Will Bill O'reilly face up to the settlements he's made? In Sexual Harassment Cases, What Are We Settling For? https://t.co/PwgqnxFp0Z
U can't just go around grabbing women wherever u want. Why Did it Have to Happen to me? by Wade Hilton https://t.co/dO6vdIEjFa via @amazon
Some proposals make you shimmy. https://t.co/IL3ja392SQ via @amazon You'd better believe it. https://t.co/bbSrMBqDgR

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Author of eleven books, including Goddess of the Arawaks, Gwen & Gwenette, Success For All, Gloria Grand, etc.
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WadeRoss Publishing
Books: Goddess of the Arawaks, Caught in a Crossfire, WHy Did it Have to Happen to me? Success for all, Gloria Grand, Like Father Like Son, etc.

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