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When a kingpin is captured or killed, he is often replaced by a member of the younger, bloodthirstier generation https://t.co/FPW9DV6MNp
History suggests the stretch of calm won’t last https://t.co/7aeCz8Z1JC
Chinese internet censors can delete images in one-on-one chats as they are being transmitted https://t.co/HBx7v6UmQp
The “Tesla of the Seas” is scheduled to start sailing in late 2018 https://t.co/1m3MQlkAUP
As purists complain about low quality and high prices, vinyl sales taper https://t.co/hYGnTM8FlP
Critics in Congress and government agencies say Chinese investment poses disproportionate risks to national security https://t.co/yrsyNhbTfc
“It feels like the government is yelling into your ears about its existence every day now.” https://t.co/tEwwypVKyv
U.S. may grab $100 billion bounty as hedge-fund managers pay taxes https://t.co/wjuGhbNzgl
Parents need to be wary of giving children too much sway in household decisions https://t.co/6Lmh6m5Rp2
Big Sur tourism drops to a trickle as a scenic drive turns into a footpath https://t.co/TfQDiLJXy3
Ditch the shoe boxes and other tips for organizing your clothes closet https://t.co/3b7XSa6KMf
Opinion: Fluency in coding is a more useful skill than French, Spanish or Russian, writes @andykessler https://t.co/jbmkWwh2aQ
The $25 million “Tesla of the Seas” could be the world’s first crewless, autonomously operated ship https://t.co/wwAbO8jUad
Tour de France riders need 6,000 calories a day to stay on the road. Joshua Robinson goes "bite for bite" with them https://t.co/zJj2VUIpjJ
A $10,000 raise for a $50,000 job? Small firms are desperate to keep workers https://t.co/mHXAQuzurV
New York’s political establishment, activists spar over holding state's first constitutional convention in 50 years https://t.co/jwRzNo7RqD
Opinion: Healthy people who consider their lives ‘full’ may soon be eligible for assisted suicide https://t.co/LEgIJyaRU9 by @keesvdstaaij
Lawmakers reach a deal to set new restrictions on Russia and restrict president’s power to remove Russian sanctions https://t.co/hMivoETALT
In the final round of the British Open on Sunday, Jordan Spieth has one player to beat: Jordan Spieth https://t.co/tivczMvrin
Opinion: Even New York Times readers have reason to be skeptical on climate change, writes @FreemanWSJ https://t.co/HHfPvqCPHK

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