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Mayor de Blasio outlines plan to expand Pre-K to 3-year-olds https://t.co/tJviy4YuTU https://t.co/8rH1WTaJAR
Last night @kai_wright hosted his final #IndivisibleRadio. Stay tuned for his return on United States of Anxiety https://t.co/i3OM1szTje
Liz Christy created a community garden to see change. Have ideas for your community? Use #wnycdesign to let us know… https://t.co/dzpb49cfeL
Patri GonzΓ‘lez RamΓ­rez wanted to fight language barriers, so she joined a language justice co-op.… https://t.co/P8LFcJve4p
.@MarinaHarss tell us what to look out for at the Here/Now festival, celebrating 25 years of the @nycballet. LISTEN… https://t.co/Ie6MmDeuGj
Want to affect change in your area? Learn from one NYer who turned a vacant lot into a garden & started a movement.… https://t.co/PSfoIz1iyr
#IndivisibleRadio may be coming to an end but we want you to keep the conversation going https://t.co/ylQJ762BzT
If you were a fan of Kai Wright on #IndivisibleRadio, watch for a new season of United States of Anxiety coming soon https://t.co/YkVQRAtOQy
Thanks so much for listening to 14 Mondays of #IndivisibleRadio. We're on tomorrow through Thursday with our last week of shows.
@kai_wright's final thoughts on #IndivisibleRadio https://t.co/JyyBHdUZiv
#IndivisibleRadio https://t.co/CSt9fX2eHP
Crystal in Atlanta wants us to worry more about the environment. Do you agree? #IndivisibleRadio https://t.co/cYeIZWOkjq
"We're not addressing class issues, and we're not addressing the needs of workers." -Will, TN #IndivisibleRadio
"I'd like to see Trump's administration reassure our allies that we're going to be good partners to work with." -Ben, TN #IndivisibleRadio
Military families, do you feel you’re in good hands with this commander in chief? Tell us your stories: 844-745-TALK #IndivisibleRadio
"I'm grateful he's reneged his decision to pull out of NATO." -Stacy, MN #IndivisibleRadio
"The world is no longer divided by countries, we are now a single entity. And we need to work together." -Nick, Republican #IndivisibleRadio
"We need someone to represent us in a professional manner and I don't think he's been professional." -Nick, Republican #IndivisibleRadio
Democrats, Republicans & anyone else: let us know what issues you wish @POTUS would prioritize that so far have not been. Call 844-745-TALK
@jebylander Thanks for listening to #IndivisibleRadio tonight. We're on all this week Mon-Thurs 8p if you want to c… https://t.co/lRVGmcXlWK

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