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RT @NPR: Three Wisconsin women are going to court for their right to sell baked goods. That's really how the cookie crumbles. https://t.co/…
Trying to exercise in space is actually really hard - but this engineer designed a machine to keep astronauts fit… https://t.co/vQSvg4Vndl
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People are phoning reports of extraterrestrials to President Trump's new ICE hotline. https://t.co/fuKYdTq1cV
RT @NerdettePodcast: Apollo 13 astronaut Jim Lovell AND astrophysicist @neiltyson dicusswhere we are and where we’re going. https://t.co/h…
From @WBEZWorldview, a look at how those with Albinism face stigma and violence in Malawi https://t.co/39egKTlmWx
RT @JesseMenendez: For @nprmusic Heavy Rotation I wrote about @RicWilson's ode to Disco, Chicago House & Queer POC who paved the way. https…
The 100-days measure of a president is based on FDR's achievements in 1933, a standard "not even Roosevelt achieved" https://t.co/SN018clFea
Boosters call southern Illinois the "Saudi Arabia of coal." Some residents are working to keep it that way.… https://t.co/hkhCaGqScf
Today marks the 100th day of President Trump's term. How his successes compare w/ the goals he set for himself→… https://t.co/NXNxsquUrQ
Hey, Chicago. What did you do for #NationalVolunteerWeek?
Why American Sikhs Think They Need A Publicity Campaign https://t.co/PvTp3A6hhs https://t.co/RzYRzqhpDP
U.S. Poet Laureate Wraps Up Year-Long Project With Chicago Kids https://t.co/52akdRmjCC https://t.co/fK0Ljxjei6
RT @laurenchooljian: Alright here we go: Emanuel repeats educational gains of CPS students, says IL treats Chicago kids like "second class…
Neil deGrasse Tyson and former astronaut Jim Lovell discuss how war fuels space exploration 🔊 https://t.co/9voVigWB77
The U.S. poet laureate visited @WBEZmorning to discuss his work with #CPS students — and his upbringing.… https://t.co/aW1Rt2K73l
This week 25 years ago, policemen were acquitted in the savage beating of African-American Rodney King.… https://t.co/hmOShbmtwu
These frequent flyers want to get bumped from overbooked flights: https://t.co/JiTZfDWqd2
ICYMI: United Airlines Settles With Passenger Dragged From Plane https://t.co/ChoYaj8kCj https://t.co/t52VSLenVC
RT @Steven_Bynum: My ridiculously brilliant colleague, @AlexandraSalomo packing away her desk to leave us for @WBEZCuriousCity! 😭 https://t…

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