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@tempest9 @GrahamDeLaet You would be correct.
@gray410 @PGATOUR Vokey Design Wedges were in the winner's bag at 3 of the 4 majors. You can see our full season re… https://t.co/2VbWe6lGBz
Vokey Design Wedges were the #1 wedge in play at every @PGATOUR event throughout the 2016-2017 season, 3X more than… https://t.co/9NOsseSkao
@MrQuality73 @Titleist 👍👍
Show your Vokey Nation pride on the course with an elegant just released #BVWings engraved bag tag. -… https://t.co/Ec7pViv8Az
Now you don't have to choose! Both mugs have just been added to #VokeyStore - https://t.co/r4eNhAX1MO
New #BVWings gear just added to the #VokeyStore - https://t.co/0KM0Zh94tT https://t.co/3YbfpLtfOp
Brilliant Blue or Iron Grey #BVWings Handcrafted Mug? https://t.co/rJZ3qDsird
#SM6 wedges feature 5 unique grinds allowing every player to be custom fit for their swing type & course conditions… https://t.co/NyDrf6Qwa5
There are more @Titleist Vokey Design wedges in play this week @CIMBClassic than all other brands combined. See why… https://t.co/rWl1XNzFG4
There are more @Titleist Vokey Design wedges in play this week @CIMBClassic than all other brands combined. See why… https://t.co/ThwN31AfeM
#SM6 in the tour’s preferred finish: Raw. Customize yours on #WedgeWorks - https://t.co/9OMLCpjv0j https://t.co/lR1GcUkuZb
Vokey Design Wedges is now on Facebook - Follow us for the latest news, updates, and all things Vokey. -… https://t.co/mUGoTIjvQc
The new season is underway & there are more @Titleist Vokey Design Wedges than all other brands combined at the… https://t.co/Zm0aQ4fd51
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Vokey Nation we need your help! We are looking to add new shirts in the #VokeyStore and want to know which one is y… https://t.co/JgNUUrVYdn
Congratulations to @Titleist Brand Ambassador @JustinThomas34 on officially being named Player of the Year. https://t.co/mMthTPphZR
@thedoublebogey @Titleist Please contact WedgeWorks directly at 888-305-0582 for more options.
.@Titleist Vokey Design SM6 Raw wedges feature Progressive CG & TX4 Grooves in the tour’s preferred finish: Raw. -… https://t.co/pEiSzg1tkL
"The confidence I have from my relationship with Bob Vokey is so important to my golf game." - @Titleist Brand Amba… https://t.co/f5EqRLhV8Y

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