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Ever wonder why we shoot air in your eye during your exam? Find out here.
We're big fans of sleep and think you should be too. Try to avoid these careers so you can get 8 hour of zzz's nightly.
Here are some signs that your blood sugar may be out of control.
Are you familiar with diabetic retinopathy? More than a quarter of diabetics over age 40 develop this disease.
A new study shows that children who spend time outdoors reduce their chances of being near-sighted.
You can still look bright-eyed with these tips on how to look good after no sleep.
Whether you're diabetic or not, here are some great tips on putting together healthy meals.
Here are some great tips for managing your diabetes.
November is the month to raise awareness of diabetes, the leading cause of blindness in America. Find out why where you live can raise...
How much will your health-care costs rise next year? Find out here.
Are you getting enough sleep? Take this quiz to find out how many hours a night you need.
Can watching too much TV effect a child's development? Find out about the new limits for children under 2.
How much you earn can effect your health. Find out about a recent study that looks into economic inequality and health.
Loss of vision costs the U.S. $68 billion. You'll never guess which sport causes the most eye injuries.
Be careful how much aspirin you take. A new study shows that too much can contribute to aging macula disorder.
Stop by Dynamic Eye Care today for the fall fashion eyewear event from 1 to 7 pm.
Get the inside scoop on Computer Vision Syndrome and what remedies work.
Be sure to stop by Vision Source at Dynamic Eye Care Thursday for the fall fashion eyewear event from 1 to 7 pm.
Your car window doesn't do a good job of filtering out UV rays. Pick up a pair of sunglasses from one of our locations to protect your...
Advanced Eye Care at Vision Source carries Oakley, which is donating $20 from every purchase to the Infinite Hero Foundation.

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