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RT @steveklabnik: "during peak traffic hours on weekdays, there are about 80 people per hour that need help getting out of Vim." https://t.…
For an easier time debugging stack traces, try the "unstack" plugin: /via @oss_viml
RT @vimcasts: I’m writing a new book: Modern Vim
RT @pfertyk: @VimLinks For Python users pythonhelper plugin might be better (it shows both class and method name all the time): https://t.c…
@peteranthropos I categorize this as a "party trick". It makes more sense to use a separate program, but it's funny…
Lost in a 1000-line method? You might be able to find your way around with this little plugin:
If you like listening to an Internet radio station while you work -- you can do it through Vim now!
Wondering how to massage a few items into HTML? Here's a few great ideas on how to do it efficiently:
UltiSnips is a powerful snippet plugin, but it does require +python. Here's a lightweight alternative:
A lot of Vim users augment their workflow with tmux. If you're one of those, you'll probably like this:
If you often move blobs of code up and down, you might appreciate this plugin:
@jreybert I think it's useful to understand the built-ins, even if you do choose to use plugins. Either way, both are valid choices.
You don't really need a plugin to manage your statusline. You could get something comparable with just built-ins:
If you love the idea of vim-rails, but you happen to be a Django dev, try vim-mule:
Vimmers are everywhere, including at Google. Take a look at their plugins, you might find something you like:
RT @Neovim: #neovim 0.2 is out: * Official Windows support * Pre-build macOS package * :terminal improvements * ...…
If you're trying to improve your documentation writing, consider avoiding a few select words:
If you often need to configure SSL/TLS, you might benefit from this plugin:
@zack263 For more general information on text objects, see `:help text-objects`:
@zack263 You could mark the link using a URL text object: No documentation, sadly, but the mappings are iu/au.

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