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@LoreReloaded We can send you something. Just email
@SEspider Sorry about that! All good now?
@DavisonVideo Dashboards will be disabled after 12/15. A final dispersement of outstanding funds will take place on…
@fb1stgaming Thank you so much! Remember to sign up here for updates on our next project:
@SenrabReal Early to share any details, but sign up here for more details!
@ImJohnCortez Hi John. You can export your videos in your video manager. Email with any questions.
RT @AnthroBoyPrime: @vidme Thanks for being a awesome app. Looking forward to your next project. Good luck and happy holidays👍🙂. https://t.…
@Real_PopFizzy Previously uploaded videos scheduled for publish at a later date will still appear in user feeds until 12/15.
@fezzy84 @fb1stgaming You can sign up for our new project here 😀
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@RetroMillennia You can edit your channel bio to push followers to your other platforms.
@Neily87900892 @ClefawnH Stay tuned!
RT @BedtimePro: I enjoyed my time on @vidme and met so many great people. I wish everyone the best. In this video, I explain what I will be…
RT @alexisohanian: Excited to see what this team does next. @Vidme Shuts Down User-Generated Video Service, Citing Inability to Compete Wit…
@joeltelling As long as a user isn't blocked, anyone can send DM's regardless of whether or not you're connected.
RT @fb1stgaming: It really helps a lot of small creators & start a new life on making videos I'm sad & devastating to see that website shut…
@ClefawnH We'll be back with a new product soon 💯
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@davidinsearchof It's true 😑. You can export your videos from the video manager. Learn more here:
RT @jtimsuggs: Thank you for everything, @vidme. I can’t thank everyone involved enough for all of their kindness and support, especially i…

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