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The Lyricists Opus drops this November &features production and live music by @Guitarslayer24 #SuperChris drops NOW @
@JemT_NewSound all me
I love you Vibe! Thank you for having me!
Head to my new Website to get your Super Chris t-shirt and signed lyric sheet and free copy of my new single!
I love u guys so much! I've gotta go now! But head over to for my new video and unplugged performance in just 4 mins!
. @40Somethnlitfan #SuperChris is available right now for free download at! Go sign up now!
RT @40Somethnlitfan: @VibeMagazine @ChrisetteM looking forward to the new video dropping today. How soon will it be available on intunes, …
“@lovechild80: @VibeMagazine I love Childish! @ChrisetteM” me too
. @SameOL_Nique stand
RT @SameOL_Nique: @VibeMagazine @ChrisetteM ..other than total praise (which you KILLED btw) what is another fav gospel tune you enjoy sing…
“@Dreme007: @VibeMagazine who you ever do a collaborationwith jill scott? #vibewithchris” hope so :)
“@Autiimarie: ♥️ RT @VibeMagazine: Hey @lovechild80 ! Fave Rapper? Right now? Kendrick.” Yep
@caseyj_luv all the time! I'm always singing! ALWAYS!
RT @caseyj_luv: @VibeMagazine Since you are a pro singer, do you casually sing around the house while doing other misc things? Just curious…
RT @ChrisetteM: Hey guys! So I've responded to so many tweets that I'm in twitter jail at @VibeMagazine I love you that much! I'm in twitte…
“@bigsweetnsexy: @VibeMagazine @ChrisetteM Are you friends off camera with any of the ladies from #rnbdivasla ? #VIBEwithChris” yup!
RT @jefferym681: @VibeMagazine @ChrisetteM #VIBEwithChris Does the same person do your hair? I absolutely fell in love with your twist when…
. @Nahladecorah I think @IAmChanteMoore got really messy with her tweets and insta. I don't really mention her much. It's strange.
RT @Nahladecorah: @Nahladecorah: What is your thoughts on how the ladies inter acted with you after the show ended #VibeWithChris @VibeMaga…
“@RickyDaVista: @VibeMagazine @ChrisetteM who is your stylist?!?!” Mine? My closet. I just play in clothes. But I used to get styled by June

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