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Be willing to step out of your safety zone to seek it. 😎⭐💋❤ . . #truthbomb #desiremap #daniellelaporte #joy #desire https://t.co/UH5axZO7M6
So, I asked this last week, but I'm always looking for new jams. So what is presently your favorite genre of... https://t.co/7hTfi6VBDc
A little #rhythm from our #drummingcircle with #tonikellar of #RootsToRhythm. So #meditative and #relaxing 😎⭐❤... https://t.co/VPjYYCqnqb
Local ladies: We would love to have you join us for a 2-hour Introduction to Desire Mapping with a focus on Body... https://t.co/wGpfqfMKSF
Checking Jet's infected septum piercing. I thought mom-ing was supposed to get easier once they're full grown.... https://t.co/tJihKM2mfw
Happy Valentine's Day! 😎💄💋❤ https://t.co/Jb6MwuM1H4
#breakfast ❤ How are you starting your day? And what are you up to? The Pipefitter and I both have the day off so... https://t.co/WTVGEF4KyO
Does anyone know if https://t.co/bP3CH70oax is a reliable ticket source? https://t.co/ceXs66ugjC
Early #valentines #romance from The Pipefitter! I love that man! This #goddess heart is very happy this morning.... https://t.co/T7xuQnBHmX
Because when you are planning a #goddessrising #retreat for #gorgeousgoddesses in cold and snowy #ohio it is... https://t.co/u1mua68Y5t
Thanks to a recent #healing / #chakrabalancing session with Michelle Black of @forestandcrow I am back to... https://t.co/zq4AMf9G2K
Our first LIVE 6-week Desire Map Level I Workshop at Creating HOPE Day Spa! It begins Tuesday, March 21st and I... https://t.co/J70Dl4jnkC
Our first LIVE 6-week Desire Map Level I Workshop at Creating HOPE Day Spa! It begins Tuesday, March 21st and I... https://t.co/sxDU6cPcSj
Jet Hutchison 😂💟 https://t.co/Q3oHnsrsQr
Posted this a year ago and it still holds true so I'm sharing again. 😊💟 https://t.co/ANb7t6c1Sr
Just me talking to you on my #igstories about all things music. What are you listening to currently? What kind of... https://t.co/qbG58CLglQ
Yes! 😜😂 https://t.co/ibNQGSWx9b
Our next local Intro to Desire Mapping, ladies! 💟 https://t.co/23qQnCmGlh
Our next local Intro to Desire Mapping workshop, ladies! 💟 https://t.co/9RGBKbzs0C
"She's mad but she's magic. There's no lie in her fire." ~ #bukowski with a little "Love rewards the brave."... https://t.co/xYumDVy55Z

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Viki Stanley-Hutchison, Business Coach.Speaker. Entrepreneurs, WAHM's, & Direct Sellers. Passionate @ increasing confidence & success for women everywhere!

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