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We tested the @cremaco Slack bot and it helped an entire team pick coffee flavors by consensus:…
AI won’t go anywhere unless it has empathy. #AI
Microsoft releases new Windows 10 preview with Cortana resume by @EPro
Hearthstone’s big nerfs are live after a messy tournament.
.@CallofDuty WWII asks if you’re willing to disobey orders.
The 16 fastest-growing apps in India by Ashish Kapoor
Intel and Waymo collaborate on self-driving compute platform:
Filling 50,000 @Amazon jobs means finding new ways to train software engineers in the U.S.
Corporate innovators: How to get your slow organization moving faster by @sgblank
Blockchain marketing technology has arrived and is about to explode:
Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite review — Not quite Mahvel, baby.
Valve's review-bomb fix won't fix review bombing by @jeffgrubb
Nice, @Google's Waze won't interrupt your Lisa Loeb playlist on Spotify anymore. You guys have that, right?…
Google launches Tez, a mobile payments app built for India.
Bug brains help AI solve navigation challenges by @dsakya
Why did Lawbreakers and Agents of Mayhem bomb? GamesBeat Decides by @jeffgrubb
Upload founders apologize for ‘turmoil’ caused by their response to ‘kink room’ harassment lawsuit.…
Xbox chief Phil Spencer promoted to Microsoft leadership group by @deantak
Yep: @Slack is valued at $5,000,000,000.
4 ways AI could make airports more tolerable. It's not like it could make them any worse, right?…

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