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The 'Net is a waste of time, and that's exactly what's right about it. - William Gibson
I need to listen to music, problem is iTunes takes up a lot of system resources and Pandora takes up too much bandwidth. Any suggestions?
All programmers are playwrights and all computers are lousy actors.- Unknown
Currently Reading: Can the Obama Administration Spare Some Real Change?
Is it just me or is today going by extremely fast? I'm not complaining it's just. . .these projects aren't going to complete themselves.
RT @computerworld: White House changes course, appoints its first federal CIO: Vivek Kundra
Currently Reading: VMWare, Transform your Business with Virtualization
Looking over an RFP from California for a Power System Planning Software for Economic Dispatch and Cost Analysis.
Currently Watching a webinar: How VMware and Dell are changing the business desktop through virtualization
Looking @ SQAForums
Check out this funny cartoon "Twitterhea: The Unstoppable Urge to Tweet" from @hubspot.
Will Microsoft's Kumo Bring New Visual Dimension to Search? Pretty Interesting stuff
@austinmiles Make sure and post lots of pictures!! I can't wait to see what you create.
RT @computerworld Apple jump-starts Nehalem launch for Intel =D
New Pic =D Going to lunch and then I will tackle some RFP's. Till then it's Crunch time!
@gangplank Chandler location or 19th ave?
Gangplank Lunch today @ Chino Bandido. . Who's going?
Made another appointment; the environmental industry is really taking off. IEA/RegAction apt. next Tuesday. =D
Looking at: "CyberRegs" (
Zen Moment: I have an intention; I know that I need to keep progressing forward. I will complete the things I have committed myself to.

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Im the Marketing Maven of Vensoft Inc. an IT Consulting Company. Application Development, Quality Assurance, Business Intelligence. .I love IT all!

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