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#MetroDetroit (TONIGHT): #Vegas hottest celebrity DJ arrives to the #Detroit area.....catch @DJVice tonight,... http://t.co/EhfTj8KT2r
#Detroit Upcoming Special Event: Fashion In Detroit - Saturday, September 27, 2014 at Soundboard inside MotorCity... http://t.co/3mLK18j2Lb
Hey guys.... we need your help. We're coming together to take a stand for kindness and tolerance in support of... http://t.co/MIoBH9fvl7
I posted 76 photos on Facebook in the album "Destination: Miami - Grand Finale Farewell Rob & Rob Villanueva" http://t.co/pSS8sTnon7
Photos from last Wednesday farewell event. Enjoy! Link:... http://t.co/mrIbvvTQTt
Tonight Grand Farewell to Rob & Rob Villanueva of http://t.co/OUXWPMTqMT at @SabrageRoyalOak #specialevent http://t.co/IjBqbv8bFm
TONIGHT (Fri, Aug 29): Special Grand Farewell Party for Rob & Rob Villanueva at Sabrage Royal Oak #artsbeatseats http://t.co/Q6k7CRbHEK
Don't miss out on a major celebration TONIGHT (Fri, Aug 29) at Sabrage. Arts Beats and Eats / Arts, Beats & Eats... http://t.co/glF5qyvmqh
TONIGHT (Fri, Aug 29): Special Grand Farewell Party for Rob & Rob Villanueva of http://t.co/i5nA8rOp9U Presents at... http://t.co/eD6N1gBKbO
#MetroDetroit (Fri, Aug 29): You're invited....special event....Destination: MIAMI - Grand Finale Farewell for... http://t.co/XjzVfgstvJ
TONIGHT (Wed, Aug 27, 10pm): Circus Party @MonJinLau #TroyMI #Michigan wsg DJ Rob-Play & John Larson… http://t.co/O3stG6aPZT
#Detroit Upcoming Events: 2NITE AUG 27 Circus Party @MonJinLau // FRI AUG 29 Destination Miami at Sabrage Royal Oak http://t.co/5nctS4sTw4
Metro #Detroit: The place to be TONIGHT is at @MonJinLau. Join us for a special Circus celebration!!! Dine & Dance. http://t.co/SLLhlp9unt
#MetroDetroit Upcoming Special Event (Fri, Aug 29): DESTINATION MIAMI @SabrageRO #RoyalOak #Michigan - Table... http://t.co/ORLXUEbya2
#Detroit Upcoming Event (Wed, Aug 27): Join us this #ShanghaiWednesdays @MonJinLau #TroyMI for a Circus... http://t.co/2qLKo3Duuw
I posted 38 photos on Facebook in the album "SKAM Artist Special Event/Farewell Rob & Rob Villanueva (8/16/14)" http://t.co/jsrT2xDdlb
On behalf of Rob & Rob Villanueva we'd like to thank EVERYONE who joined us on an epic celebration this past... http://t.co/lZgmXRguKe
Metro Detroit (Special Event): This Saturday, Aug 16 inside @MGMGrandDetroit @VNightclub - @SKAMArtist 10YR Party http://t.co/tFJVd1UOtp
Tomorrow @vnightclubmgm will be bananas. Going away party of our own @robplayNYC @robcarlos13 http://t.co/9MVzY3hxtC http://t.co/wsUEpMmuJY
You are invited this Saturday (August 16) to experience two major VIP celebration for the price of one. First... http://t.co/cyQnInzjkN

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