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Driverless NYC - a competition. Reclaiming the streets, transportation for all, and more. #cities #4futr #urbanism
Using asteroid metal for 3D printing - Lewicki #globalhealthfuture s @profuturists
Chris Lewicki Planetary Resources at APF#globalhealthfutures @profuturists
No one has more postcards than @nexrwavefuture!
@LinkedInHelp thx! they said, get in touch with original owner, a former member who set it up - who is not respondi…
@LinkedIn How do I gain management access for a LinkedIn group for an association that I chair? The group owner is inaccessible.
@City_Futures Thanks Phillip, so good to see you. Beautiful image.
The key to helping girls succeed in STEM? Robots
@rkabutz You're welcome Rudolf. Glad to find you here.
#4futr World Future Day @profuturists Poetry Slam begins.#spkfutr It's 2040, remembering the 2020s, what's come and…
RT @SagientFuturist: @profuturists #SpkFutr The days are long gone when we sat around the fire sharing tales of heroes dead #SpkFutr of de-…
@chrisbishop @realdanlyons @FastCoDesign thanks Chris!
@aloha_futures I was impressed with your drumming Already! Aim high, my friend! :)
@aloha_futures thanks John, safe travels!
@localrat @Cognizant Congratulations! hope it's a long and healthy marriage. =)
@MareeConway thanks Maree! If I was on twitter more, I would have seen it before now.... =)
Jim Dator, two times I'm [a futurist] is called in. When all else fails. When all things looking great. #ProDev16 #4futr
@chrisbishop @profuturist good answer! :)

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architect, futurist, urban designer, rhetorician, adjunct prof, treehugger, former biz owner now a writer/analyst exploring city futures, reborn from @cindyfw.

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