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I wanna be the very best like no one ever was.
I'm into Hetalia now.
I wish there was an online triple triad game.
@TomFelton I must admit that I too am painfully addicted to McDonalds. I'll probably have heart problems later. But the McNuggets...
@luShBerries I've always wanted to try your yogurt, would you happen to have a menu online?
the cupcake gods have smiled upon thee and have granted thine wish.
would brutally murder someone for a cupcake right now.
New tumblr blog. Yup.
Is thinking the ice storm isn't too bad. However she probably just jinxed herself.
spends a lot of time eating Cheez-Its.
Is attending the flaming lips new years freakout celebration!
just ordered herself a Wacom tablet.
latest beauty review: Boots No7 Mousse Foundation -
Finally found a new job!
Is going to izumicon!
Wants chocolate mint fudge so badly.
Just joined Gaia Online and is now painfully addicted.
F*** Yeah, Super Mario!
likes to take naps before going to bed.
would totally watch a TV channel that showed nothing but cat videos.

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