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RT @BeauWillimon: Poland is currently showing us how it's done. Regular citizens standing up to an authoritarian regime.…
RT @TimothyDSnyder: In Poland, the rule of law is under attack, and with it the future of Polish democracy.
RT @realDonaldTrump: Leadership: Whatever happens, you're responsible. If it doesn't happen, you're responsible.
RT @ananavarro: Nope. Democrats owned Obamacare until the day Trump sworn-in. There's a GOP House, Senate, White House. No excuses. This ba…
If you're into watching live blind dates you'll love what I'm filming! 'Date Night Live' on Lifetime Jul 27 at 10p
Nothing quite makes you feel like an inadequate man as much as a really tall urinal.
RT @sagaftra: The SAG-AFTRA family mourns the passing of #sagaftramember and stunt performer John Bernecker.
Example of @EricGreitens using the False Dilemma #propaganda technique. (Two choices are presented yet more exist)
Pictures with the #Rolleiflex today in Central Park. #ishootfilm
@kglbltz Got that right!
It only takes about five minutes after getting off the plane in New York to be totally busy. #productionlife
You know you fly a lot when you recognize flight attendants. #productionlife
Shooting film today in Elkland, MO on the 1940s Target Brownie Six-20. #ishootfilm
The #DanceMom license plate reference did not go unseen @KimmySchmidt 👯😹🎥
@kglbltz I relish the thought #oldmanjokes
@kglbltz Did you remember to plant mustard seeds?
@kglbltz @EricGreitens The @EricGreitens-Kommission ~ Draining the working middle class of their rights and prosper…
RT @SpeedNewBlack: We're back at it! Watch us take on a tired old Ford Pickup right now on @Velocity.
@kglbltz The best light show you've ever seen, my friend.

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