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@gmanreviews No doubt but going a place where you will be third choice at best in a system and team wholly unsuited… https://t.co/qO415WmGKM
My favorite part of Lee Dixon is when he is wrong and even in slow motion continues to tell you to look at how wrong he is.
Remember when everyone wanted Loic Remy and clubs that could have made him great were begging but he went to Chelsea instead and they dgiaf?
@screeninsight Yes Clone Wars is 2->3 and Rebels is 3->Rogue One. I saw movie which I didn't think much of but the… https://t.co/frvCDn3HE3
@screeninsight Unless I am missing something I have heard good things and would love to see more Saw Gerrera.
@screeninsight My main issue is that Rebels it is not available on any of the streaming platforms I use and my cabl… https://t.co/w6zXEiMXes
@kevinmccauley White House Release in 20 mins: "Economy greatest growth in 20 years under Trump. Presdient Trump na… https://t.co/M145H5VSAq
@BenPearceSpurs This team deserves so much but winning our next 5 for 14 straight would still require Chelsea to sl… https://t.co/s3cqUxCOpD
@BenPearceSpurs I am so torn on this because part of me really believes the over emphasis on the title last season… https://t.co/SIiEROyHMh
Assume he us not ready or benched as a precaution. What is your starting lineup? @WindyCOYS @TTTactics @BardiTFC https://t.co/Aq0XdcD6JX
@kevinmccauley The more depressing thing? They will say no. The people who voted Trump legitimately believe they di… https://t.co/QR1Dw20OZe
@gmanreviews (Yeah but that 3 game suspension sucks because I kind of want Spurs to play against him over a Pogba-Herrera mid)
@gmanreviews https://t.co/UZUUI1v9vV
@MC_of_A Sounds like the perfect game for Herrera who loves to get fouled. United bring Young on there will be a hour of stopage time.
.@TTTactics And if you can balance that with a good positional setup you can take advantage of our aggression. Refs… https://t.co/95TFXY7axv
Between Chelsea and Palace it seems like the order for playing against Spurs now is foul on the first touch to break up play @TTTactics
@MC_of_A (Wasn't this sort of lineup and performance the whole reason they fired Pelligrini?)
@stopthepota *fast forward* We are proud to announce we have spliced the dna of Arnie Hammer and Chris Hemsworth to star in the film He-Man!
@kevinmccauley Their presence for EPL both cable and digitally should be the subject of books on how to do Sports the right way.
@kevinmccauley NBC Sports does some eye rolling stuff but as a consumer I have little issue with the way they prese… https://t.co/gdonuavG1b

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