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:) @thfcacademy @WindyCOYS Now comes the point where we all look for you 2 to analyze who is missing and may play t… https://t.co/IoSSOBcFRM
@austin_walker They have great features. The best features. You're gonna love them. Nobody loves features more than they do.
3 weeks until my first half marathon race and broke the 2 hour mark today! https://t.co/hjd7bs9wmS
John Stones goes full David Luis. From derp to damn in 3.5
John Stones just achieved 22.5% David Luis level.
@YedIin *checks bench* nah got none of those mate.
@WindyCOYS Poch clearly asked Lamela to play a little deeper. Keeps the game in front of him rather than him chasing it from behind.
@WindyCOYS Prefer Janssen. He will free Son to run at bournemouth. He has not faired as well with his back to goal today.
The refs willingness to give yellows on 50/50 challenges has encouraged Bournmouth to go down at every challenge #coys
@dustingm not bad but a game where he is on a yellow and has to come from deep to steal the ball back leaves him a big red card risk.
@Dan_KP Honestly feel Dembele has been more anonymous. Eriksen keeps dropping to take pressure off press where Dembele should be.
Lamela remembering he has a right foot and then immediately getting yellow carded for a dumb challwnge. Vintage Lamela. #coys
I see we continue to struggle with just booting the ball away from set pieces. This year we just cannot clear.
@WindyCOYS Yeah. Hope he can come good but wonder if he's a more traditional gk or if he can handle the sweeper/distributor role Poch wants.
@WindyCOYS Have you been able to watch McGee this season? Suspect the long term answer to this is how close to Poch… https://t.co/H7f1slB0zr
@Craig_Spur @tomallnuttPA @Dan_KP @BenPearceSpurs Granted I also wouldn't fancy Davies out there either.
@Craig_Spur @tomallnuttPA @Dan_KP @BenPearceSpurs Fair point but against a team which relies heavy on speed on the wings nobody fancies Jan.
@dustingm Used to call her the best soccer pundit in the US. Does that make her the Arsenal of US soccer pundits? Do I have to hate her now?
@Craig_Spur @tomallnuttPA @Dan_KP @BenPearceSpurs In a poch way being snarky about how using Wimmer means he needs an extra def to cover RB
Wimmer on the bench alarm! @Dan_KP @BenPearceSpurs So who's going to ask why CCV was not on the bench in the post match interview??

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