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A black bear is caught on video walking on his hind legs like a human. https://t.co/djwV73UzUy https://t.co/Jmvt2nb5hb via @ViralSpell ..
A furious rhino charges at the photographers filming him from a car…https://t.co/H84jZ4kBRC https://t.co/NGqRYJP0HX via @ViralSpell ..
Meet Sappy the cat and Dakota the horse, the inseparable buddies! https://t.co/KJaP5ZRg5P https://t.co/Leso6OhUuK via @ViralSpell ..
The moment a snake rears up and lunges at a woman who tries to PET it…https://t.co/oaLwgAXPWE https://t.co/Rq8pHHE9iF via @ViralSpell ..
Border Collies show just how much they love each other…https://t.co/6W2jNLauJf https://t.co/KMljthpTFa via @ViralSpell ..
Hot after a long walk this dog walks straight in the fridge to cool off…https://t.co/CDb9QP3034 https://t.co/wdwK5spIBJ via @ViralSpell ..
A polar bear makes a new friend…https://t.co/YTbvfLjMsZ https://t.co/n9BLWnTPxg via @ViralSpell ..
A tiny French Bulldog chasing off two bear cubs from his backyard. https://t.co/WpNF3NFKNx https://t.co/A9EuswnsbN via @ViralSpell ..
Rani the dog catches a huge catfish, struggles to keep it under control…https://t.co/6lhDl0iR74 https://t.co/BxZ2AC0pXI via @ViralSpell ..
Baby raccoon struggles to escape from the bathroom in which he fell. https://t.co/DEdrleEHnn https://t.co/34K2oZnmrd via @ViralSpell ..
The priceless moment a police dog is reunited with his handler…https://t.co/eltsvqhoZP https://t.co/8nKcbEB7wz via @ViralSpell ..
Loki the cat gets his custom-made bed and loves it! https://t.co/V7WVjQK0HG https://t.co/i4AQwEKpbr via @ViralSpell ..
A Fake Marine Gets Busted In Front Of His Girlfriend... She Then Dumps Him. https://t.co/wlIfQJsdsC #StolenValor ..
A warthog has a very close encounter with a hungry male lion…https://t.co/6HmJ4DI3VG https://t.co/DS9mjfkzB3 via @ViralSpell ..
Groomers fashion pets into teddy bears, lions and more bizarre shapes…https://t.co/ui2zmZq3qM https://t.co/MgT6mgISQ2 via @ViralSpell ..
A Colorado man meets a bear hiding in his dumpster. https://t.co/nIQLjHZFTu https://t.co/vrdzhrOAdQ via @ViralSpell ..
A girl catches a huge catfish with her bare hands…https://t.co/IVZWO5JteC https://t.co/Tw600O6Wd4 via @ViralSpell ..
Cody the Labrador realizes he can stand in the pool... https://t.co/YQhBShym3n https://t.co/VfVnhK4q91 ..

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