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RT @CoachEpstein: https://t.co/4XXF4VTVWG Great vid from @UnderTheBar it's all about other's and how we can impact other's in a positive w…
RT @burford_dustin: Amazing rant by @UnderTheBar ... check it out @TJ_Gerking @BrockAMartin https://t.co/PV5G6osdiv
RT @smz316: @SquatUniversity @UnderTheBar squat in some or fashion everyday
RT @theathletesdoc: U need to listen to this talk by @underthebar ive met him and personally know the two guys he… https://t.co/nw0SPCvOa1
Old School Training Video. This is a clip from one of the original WSBB training videos (they… https://t.co/MDzxmFImqp
True Age VS Training Age - https://t.co/58tpU6kHql https://t.co/TcZeBe4b6J
WATCH: True Age vs Training Age / Elite FTS https://t.co/5Ddc5EAzpH
WATCH: Motivational Rant at UGSS / Elite FTS https://t.co/pexVqrpNch
Dave Tate Motivational Rant at John Meadows UGSS - https://t.co/58tpU6kHql https://t.co/SuOUhdjm9n
RT @PawelCzaplicki: Podoba mi się film True Age VS Training Age - https://t.co/XjFQgmA2z3 w @YouTube od @underthebar – https://t.co/7a3RcBQ…
RT @SuperGoodSmitto: I liked a @YouTube video from @underthebar https://t.co/H5PoF976pq True Age VS Training Age - https://t.co/B3TuHa7zWp
RT @SquatUniversity: The best coaches continue to learn every single day. The first step in becoming an "expert" is to never stop being a s…
RT @OSUCoachMeyer: WOW!! 12 games started, a 3.6 GPA in finance AND a Goldman Sachs internship! Congratulations Sam, you earned this!! http…
How to Bench 5 Plates Raw: 400 to 500 at a Moderate and Sustained Pace https://t.co/zd2GJibOW0
WATCH: Exercise and Mental Health — Understanding Comprehensive Stress Response https://t.co/2A1bMM0cgf
The Real Truth About Weak Point Training https://t.co/fA1zGFUhQq
Elitefts™ Gym Pic of the Day Over 30,000 products, 500,000 Q&As, 6,000 articles, 14,000 videos,… https://t.co/yfl3Lo6yUg
5 Gifts for the Guy or Girl Who's Getting into Powerlifting / Elite FTS https://t.co/ThG6JccOd5
#Repost mgoodwinefs ・・・ Custom equipment from Elitefts. crossfit_clc #elitefts #custombuilt https://t.co/rdURP3UEMT
RT @CoachMotto: It's not about your goals that make you achieve, it's about your commitment to the process of achieving. – John Calipari

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