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What's the most effective weapon you can use in the Martial Arts? Best answer will recieve one FREE month of classes at USSD Gilbert!!
Create a vision for your life that you want to live for instead of living your life and hoping for that to be your future.
Do you have what it takes to be a #KarateKid ? Find out by setting up your FREE private lesson, call us at 480-855-7586!! See you there...
Going to go see #KarateKidMovie this weekend? Come and see us at AMC Mesa Grand or Gilbert's Hollywood Theaters, we will be at both theaters
is a HUGE fan of @thecoffeeshopaz
USSD Gilbert is teaching Summer Camp Program for Gilbert Public Schools...750+ kids everyweek! AWESOME!! Continuing to share the MAGIC...
Begin your journey in the Martial Arts today...text USSDGILBERT to 411247! A life changing experience awaits...
Our lives are made up of the choices that we make, most of which are very small and make a great deal of impact...remember to decide wisely.
"Its not about the efforts...its about the results!"
What are you doing that is memorable this memorial day weekend? Make the most of the time you have and create strong memories!
Don't allow your comfort zone to hold you back, embrace change & embrace growth!
Don't allow your comfort zone to hold you back, embrace change & embrace growth!
A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes.
Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.
Begin your journey today, text USSDGILBERT to 411247
Take a second to reflect on what is, rather than what is not. Appriciate what you have and never forget to acknowledge your accomplishments!
No matter the size of the opponent there are several areas of the body that are able to bring an attacker down; eyes, nose, groin, throat
The present is a gift...enjoy today.
Awareness is ones ability to recongnize and understand the enviroment, people and circumstances around you in the event action is needed.
Text USSDGILBERT to 411247 to begin your journey in the Martial Arts!

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