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Make sure you understand the out-of-pocket expenses when paying for college.
Ask these 5 questions about financial aid awards.
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Consultants can offer prospective business school students guidance and a new perspective on applications.
International students who want to get to the Ivy League face bigger challenges than getting great grades.
Some medical schools are adding classes in exercise and cooking to draw attention to patient-centered care.
Online graduate degrees are hitting a sweet spot of quality and convenience.
Campus resources and job placement options are two things international students should look for in a U.S. college.
If you're expecting a tax refund, consider using it to plan college savings.
These programs can help students get rid of student loan debt without paying for it:
Getting rejected from your dream college can be tough, but these three steps can help you move forward:
Many states and organizations offer scholarships for students diagnosed with #autism. Check out some of the options:
We are less than a week away from releasing the U.S. News 2014 #BestHighSchools rankings.
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.@spelmancollege tops this list of 10 historically black colleges and universities where freshmen return.
The College Board has released some new SAT sample questions. How many can you answer correctly?
Studying for the LSAT? Check out these tips for mastering the exam's logical reasoning questions:
Here are five good reasons to pay attention during your student loan exit interview:
Remember to ask these five questions about your college financial aid award letters:
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