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Largest Veterans Day parade west of the Mississippi River! @OregonGuard Soldiers, assigned to #41IBCT, greet spec… https://t.co/IxJEsuZ7OT
In 2017, the #USArmy received eight awards across the federal government for taking steps to conserve energy and wa… https://t.co/f9P3SLCscF
.@RDECOM Soldier takes a moment to pay honor and respect to all services on Veterans Day, November 11, 2017. https://t.co/Js4tlwKpGS
#DidYouKnow U.S. forces in both World Wars used Native American languages to encrypt #American communications. Pl… https://t.co/RafcWJ0hCc
Home of the Brave. #2017In4Words #Soldiers #Marines #Sailors #Airmen https://t.co/WuYnuHZ8AS
@Nalutik Hooah!
@stfortstone Thank you for your service
This. We. Will. Defend. #2017In4Words #SoldierSaturday #USArmy https://t.co/cwCgpZJxCX
Hey Soldiers, drop us a pic of your furry battle buddy! Make sure to use #SoldierSaturday https://t.co/lsv1GeR9b8
.@USArmyReserve Soldiers conduct night fire qualification during #USArmy Operation #ColdSteel II at Fort Hunter Lig… https://t.co/iQL2oJ2b3u
"Men of the Tundra: Alaska Eskimos at War” Over 75 years ago, more than 6,300 Alaskan natives joined the #USArmy’s… https://t.co/pi3IrhGy4h
Autumn in @ArlingtonNatl Cemetery. Inspiring. Beautiful. #FridayFeeling https://t.co/sYZpbGYd3s
RT @Malcolm_Frost: The “Army’s Navy” — @7th_TBX — in action at Ft Eustis, VA building a mobile pier, piece by piece, in preparation for an…
There is no place for sexual harassment, sexual assault, or retaliation in our #USArmy. Please visit… https://t.co/rS1HuuE8T6
“…There will be no reduction in accessions standard. No change. You will not reduce quality to gain quantity," says… https://t.co/c06KhxfC7S
.@USArmyEurope's year of execution: Learn more about #USArmy rotational forces in action https://t.co/OnabUAINyP
RT @1stcav3bct: The first #Greywolf vehicles returned to @forthood from their nine-month deployment to the @usarmycentral and @CENTCOM AO.…
.@3rd_Infantry Division is home to the #USArmy’s most decorated American Soldier of WWII, Audie Murphy. On Jan. 26,… https://t.co/ZCPXOYUxJB
.@BrookeArmyMed opened its doors for the victims of the Texas shooting. “If I walk out of here and can’t cry then… https://t.co/ar4yop2pBu
"There's a pool of blood next to his head -- he's clearly badly injured," says @ArmyROTC Cadet Mark Kindschuh Ki… https://t.co/19F8iQesEH

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