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@davedillonphoto Here's some contact information for the magazine:
@Calvin_Koolidge We're glad you're making the most of the delay, Sam! What's your flight number? We'll check on an update for you.
@jaydoubleum When you arrive back home, we'd like your feedback on what happened:
@captain1110 Keep an eye on this link, we'll update it as soon as anything changes:
@PMMTravel We don't have access to the tax breakdown here, our apologies. If you feel there's an error, please call them back.
@AVPAirport That's great news! We're happy to see you here and make sure and tweet us any time.
@Ryan_Johnson06 You're welcome!
@iLuvNinaRoss We hope to see you back on board soon!
@jaydoubleum We're so sorry to hear that, are you rebooked on another flight?
@pamela_caron Say hi to the #mouse for us, Pamela!
@jaydoubleum What's going on today? Has your flight been affected?
@OBeanz17 We're combining many aspects of our business but will still be operating US flights for some time, Mike.
@AceSage Thank you. Our team will review your comments and get back with you as soon as possible.
@jsaracino Oops, the pilot is behind a few games, Joe!
@AceSage If you'd like to provide feedback on the service, we do welcome it. You can do so here:
@davedillonphoto We hope you enjoy the magazine articles in flight today, Dave.
@ashley_dorroh We're not sure what we did but we're happy to help!
@kelli725 That doesn't sound good, Kelli. Please follow us and DM more specific details for follow up.
@PMMTravel Give our Reservations Team a call, they can look at what charges are assessed on your flight: 800-428-4322
@Kikuass2962G Chris, we always want you to have a pleasant travel experience, start to finish. Our apology for any rudeness.

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