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@briankal Thanks for flying with us, Brian!
@chris_starks Here's more info about mobile boarding pass:
@zeeginganinja Please see a crew member for possible options.
@jayrunner1 Wear your new title proudly, Jay! Thanks for your loyalty.
@physicsdave1227 We glad to see you'll be in the air soon. Thanks for your patience.
@olearypd You're most welcome, Pamela!
@udbeernut You'll be there before you know it!
@ryanearldobbs We're glad to hear it! You're very welcome.
@aroundsville We're glad to hear it's working now.
@reachlegends We're sorry again for your disappointment with their decision.
@the123jon You can DM your file number to us and we'll forward to them to check the status.
@jacquefs7 We're showing the flight is currently only 17 mins ahead of schedule.
@reachlegends We're sorry for your disappointment with Customer Relations's decision. You're welcome to resubmit for a 2nd review.
@aamay Our team will have you to the gate as soon as possible, Alyssa. Thanks for your patience.
@the123jon Please send a DM with your Customer Relations file number and we'll take a look for you.
@allis8888 Nice! We hope you enjoy, #bro!
@jacquefs7 Enjoy the early arrival, Jacque! Thanks for flying with us.
@anthony_ranaudo Our apologies for any discomfort, Anthony.
@seasthammusic A Baggage Specialist will be in touch as soon as there's something new to report, Stewart.
@jk_bos You're very welcome, Jill!

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