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@sugarspicesport We're unable to see the numbers on the picture, Tiffani. Could you please DM us the Customer Relations file number?
@patcamunez They will take a careful second look at your file, Patrick.
@gratefulwon You're very welcome!
@davesanderson2 We appreciate you taking the time and sending the compliment. Thanks for flying with us tonight, Dave!
@cbuswold What a lovely gesture from one of our dedicated crew members, Charlotte!
@muldrow We love to hear that our team members are taking good care of you, Chris!
@quartz62 You're welcome, John. We appreciate your patience.
@wolfpuptk We're sorry you're disappointed in the resolution offered by Customer Relations.
@quartz62 John, have her reach out to an airport agent if she needs assistance. We're very sorry your family was delayed.
@marion_colombo No one likes to wait for their luggage, Marion. Please see a baggage agent for help tonight.
@cbuswold Candy is always a good idea. Thanks for flying with us today, Charlotte.
@jessyjaneh We don't like to hear of your disappointment, JJ, and hope you'll give us another try.
@quartz62 Our apologies for any inconvenience. We're glad the airport was able to assist her.
@pullyl Lauren, everyone likes to laugh and we're glad the flight to the #BigApple was fun!
@jmchugh00 Our apologies for the delay, Jason. #drivesafe
@patmcpsu Pat, we're very glad that our agents were able to help and feed you today.
@mrron9 Have a great evening!
@beantowndan We're sorry there weren't enough sandwiches today. You can let Customer Relations know here:
@joeleathers Our apologies for the delays and your long travel day today, Joe.
@amymg Amy, we can understand your frustration and we're sorry for the inconvenience.

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