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23 Friends is live today as a Parallax Scrolling website for the Modern Living Collection apartments. is live today as a Responsive Website ( One site now works on pc's, laptops, tablets and mobile.
Steve Taraborelli's upcoming AIM presentation will talk about UDR's newest responsive design websites that were launched March, 2012.
SOPA/PIPA would be good for multi-family. I have over 1500 reasons why it is - it's the number of sites that steal our content daily.
“A Tree for a Brochure” - UDR has planted 350,000 trees in Haiti and Kenya instead of printing 350,000 brochures since late 2010.
Google Search+ = SERPS is a garbage dump now - or let's call it the "social bubble search",you see only what's within the Google bubble now.
Facebook Changed and it will again and again. 57% of USAToday survey respondents said they dislike the Timeline change. Get over it. is now live with Google +1
UDR launches a new modern living apartment search website at - a unique approach to find an apartment
UDR launches new version iPhone App - has live chat, local neighborhood search, view videos and Facebook sharing -
VIEW 3D APARTMENT PHOTOS AT UDR.COM - UDR offers sample 3D photography when viewing on 3D TV's, monitors and laptops.
Google states publishers with unoriginal content can't use the AdSense program. :-)
Mobile Insight -- Facebook branded phone - INQ Cloud Touch may be available on the market later this year - major carrier might be AT&T.
Watch out for YouTube "click bombing." It's happening.
Website sabotage: Google Bowling, Tattling, Google Insulation, Copyright Take-down Notices, Copied Content, Denial of Service, Click Fraud
Facebook is moving to having FB stores inside their Fan/Like Pages.May turn FB into an online shopping alternative to retailers such as eBay
Tweeted one year year ago: Google Real Time Search = Gossip Search = SERPS turning into giant garbage dump 6:50 AM Dec 14, 2009 (it's true)
8% of online Americans use Twitter (not very impressive) --
So easy to exploit Google Instant for PPC campaigns to reduce advertising costs by 50-75%. How long will this last?
Dear Google, thanks for the instant preview, now please support the “nopreview” meta tag.

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